Tuesday, February 08, 2011

82% of Americans sympathize with Egyptian protesters

"A new Gallup poll shows 82% of Americans are sympathetic or very sympathetic to the Egyptian protesters. Justin Elliot: The irony here, of course, is that Americans are on the side of protesters fighting a regime that the U.S. government has been propping up for decades. It's an open question whether public opinion in the U.S. will have an impact on the Obama administration's Egypt policy" --We are all Khaled Said on fb


Maury said...

"Americans are on the side of protesters fighting a regime that the U.S. government has been propping up for decades"

Horse hockey. These regimes prop themselves up with, or without, US support. Is Asswad any less oppressive? Has the US propped him up? Did Sadman need propping up? This misconception that Mideast regimes only exist because of US "propping" is obvious nonsense. I don't see any rioting in Libya, which is probably as repressive as any regime. Qaddafi does just fine without any US support, no?

The US tries to have friendly relations with EVERYONE. We obviously can't do that with regimes that are outright hostile. It's a catch-22. If we have friendly relations, we can at least press for more human rights. If we don't, those poor people are on their own. China, France, and Russia certainly won't press those governments for more freedom. Don't take my word for it. Check the infamous wikileaks. LOL.

Anonymous said...

dear Maury,
Mere logic won't assuage the emotional need to find a scapegoat for national disfunctions."Uncle Sam's Fault" ("and not our own")conveniently avoids responsibility.
Did you note Obama's Cairo Confession to the Iranians ?
" WE(the US) overthrew your government";a storyline that suggests there were NO IRANIANS involved in'53, and that the sainted DrM was beloved of ALL Iranians,until the Great Satan removed him singlehandedly.

Don said...

The US has been supporting Mubarak only because he kept the peace (in contrast to Nasser). He was not supported because he suppressed his citizens.