Friday, February 18, 2011

24 protesters killed in Libya

"At least 24 people have been killed in anti-government protests in Libya in recent days, rights activists say.

Many others were wounded in the clashes between security forces and protesters, the US-based Human Rights Watch said.

Protests continued overnight with thousands on the streets of the eastern city of Benghazi, where there is now a heavy military presence, witnesses said.

Large protests are uncommon in Libya, where dissent is rarely allowed."


Maury said...

Protesters will be shot like dogs in Libya, just as they were in Iran. Nothing we can do to help either. Those particular regimes aren't "supported" by the US.

Anonymous said...

protestors take over libyan radio station:

Julie Kinnear said...

This shows how desperate Gaddafi is trying to hold onto his power. Shooting unarmed protesters without any warning is inacceptable. I admire Libyans for being this brave fighting for democracy. Despots worldwide need to be shown that enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

@ Maury

Iran government didnt shoot protestors the way gaddafi government shot libyans.

Iran government used security forces mostly (armed with sticks/batons, tear gas, and rubber bullet guns) and few times used police and revolutionary guards (who had guns with live ammo)- but didnt use the army and tanks.

gaddafi used the army and tanks and used planes and heavy artillery to bomb demonstrations and also used machine guns to shoot down as many as possible.