Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunni Arabs worried about Iranian influence

As Arab Americans pretend to care about whether the US bombs Iran, the 'Sunni-led Arab countries, particularly in the Gulf where there are significant and marginalized Shi'ite minorities, worry about the repercussions of Iranian influence in Iraq. They are concerned that the Shi'ite majority is trying to deprive Iraq's once dominant Sunnis of their fair share of power.

They fear meddling by Shi'ite non-Arab Iran in Iraq, an Arab country with a Shi'ite Muslim majority, could incite their own Shi'ite populations and that sectarian instability in Iraq could spill over.

"The big worry for us is that such a divided and sectarian Iraq is easily penetrated by regional powers and here of course Iran comes as the biggest and meddling regional power," said Emirati analyst Abdul-Khaleq Abdullah.

"That really does not settle very nicely with the GCC, the smaller Gulf countries," he added, referring to a bloc of six Gulf Arab states, including top oil exporter Saudi Arabia.'


Anonymous said...

Sunni Arabs can kiss my Iranian ass, and that includes Palestinians, whom I hope will live under Israeli occupation forever.

Truly, I am most happy when Israelis bomb the shit out of Gaza. More please, more!

Oh don't worry, Umar ibn al Khattab will come to your rescue as Jews bomb your asses.

Muhannad said...

Truly you are most happy when Israelis bomb the shit out of Ghaza? Because Ghazans hate Iran? It's strange because Hamas was accepting money from Iran just a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Dear Muhannad,

Hamas (via Khaled Mashal) receives Iranian money on one hand, then calls us روافض and ابناء المتعة and مجوسيين behind our backs.

Hamas does not love Iran or Iranians, it only cares about its own interests.

I hope to see the fall of Khamenei, his yes-man Ahmadinejad and their friend Bashar al-Assad.
Bye bye Bashar, and soon bye bye Ahmadinejad.

My hatred of Palestinians began when they supported Saddam Hussein during the eight year Iran-Iraq War.

I hated Khomeini from day one, but Saddam hated Iran, not just Khomeini.

Muhannad said...

It's true that Palestinians in general supported Saddam, and I too lost respect for them after their display of love for Saddam after 2003. But it wasn't just the Palestinians who supported Saddam, and not all Palestinians liked Saddam. And of course the kids have nothing to do with politics and do not deserve being bombed.

Anonymous said...

I agree Muhannad, children do not deserve to be bombed.

Hopefully the correligionists of the Palestinians will stop bombing our children whose only crime is following their parents to Iraq for زيارة of the عتبات المقدسة in النجف and كربلاء and سامرّاء and Baghdad's الكاظمين which has been happening every year.