Saturday, March 13, 2010

Angry Arab thinks Nir Rosen is wrong

Professor As'ad Abu Khalil, one of the many Arab Americans who pretend to care about Iraqis and know what is best for Iraq wrote:

This is the conclusion of the Economist's article on Iraq: "America’s influence is ebbing noticeably as its troops withdraw. Despite spending $800 billion on Iraq over the past seven years, its plan for the country has still not worked."

And this is Nir Rosen's conclusion: " Seven years after the disastrous American invasion, the greatest irony in Iraq is that, in a way, the neoconservative dream of creating a moderate ally in the region to counterbalance Iran and Saudi Arabia may finally be coming to fruition."

Nir is wrong of course. Wait until US troops leave the country: you will see how many who are in power will be running out of the country for their lives in opening restaurants in foreign capitals.

Nir defended himself by sending an email to the Lebanese American professor who pretends to care about Iraqis: "there is no contradiction between what i wrote and what the economist wrote, at least in those quotes and its unfair to just take that quote from the article and make me look like a neocon supporter."

So there you have it. An American journalist is more supportive of democracy in Iraq than our Arab American "intellectual brothers" who believe the Iraqi government will collapse after US troops withdraw completely.


Don Cox said...

It is often claimed that democracy was "imposed" on Iraq, or that Iraqis are not ready for democracy.

It seems to me that they have been ready for decades, but the way forward was blocked by Saddam and his allies.

The same applies to other regimes such as those in Burma or Zimbabwe.

Bruno said...

Ah yes, better to have three Iraqis tossing slips into a ballot box, standing knee deep in the guts of their families, than Iraqis living under a more authoritarian circumstance. Well done to the Americano butchers.

Americans too, are ready for democracy. It just has to be taught to you, regardless of the cost! :|

Muhannad said...

So why does that brave Arab resistance murder Iraqi voters?

Aton said...

Bruno the South African Afrikaner is going to teach democracy to America LOL. Bruno, how can you teach something you don’t even understand?

Bruno said...

Aton the vacuum-head is claiming he lives in a democracy when the same party has been in power in his country since Jefferson. LOL! You sorely need education, sonny.