Friday, March 26, 2010

Allawi Wins

"Former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's bloc has won the most seats in Iraq's parliamentary elections.

His coalition had two seats more than that of incumbent PM Nouri Maliki, officials said, in what was seen as a surprise result in the 7 March poll."


Jeff said...

I just commented and asked a question on the post with the Saddam videos...

But as I was reading further down--about your Dad and the qundara--and reading some of the responses, I thought I'd like just to say something different.


Thanks to you for telling us what you think in this blog. Thanks for putting up with so much ragging.

Thanks for loving your country and not some ideology.

I was for the war, primarily because I felt SO VERY guilty about leaving Iraqis under Saddam after the first war. It seemed so cruel and selfish and "statesmanlike".

I read Iraqis and talk to them and have done so for years. And despite my frustrations, I am VERY proud of them. Even if they descend into chaos again--God forbid it!--I am still proud of them for struggling through all this.

Iraq and its people are in my family's prayers every night and they always will be.

God bless!

Saddam Hussein said...

Iraq and its people are in my family's prayers every night and they always will be.

God bless

You say that after saying you supported the war on Iraq. Fuck you! Fuck your family! Fuck your prayers! And fuck your God!

Saddam Hussein said...

Stupid does not love his country and his country is America not Iraq. He only loves American wars on Arabs. And his daddy the kundara probably enjoyed a good pay check from the American occupier. Your daddy was a political whore Mojo and your mother was a more traditional sort of whore.

Anonymous said...

Jeff if you ever got this condescending, racist and rude with an Arab he would slap you upside your head. Mojo is not an Arab so he does not know how to respond to American motherfuckers like you.

Saddam Hussein said...

Iraqitrash where is your trashy father? Is he reading this? Where can we find him? I think I would like to spit on his face while you watch. And then put his head on the floor and put my kundara on his dirty white hair and rub it into his filthy face. He deserves that for raising you this way. tfu alayk w tfu ala abook ya kalb.

Abu Mojo if you are reading this kus umak ala um abook ya gawad. From your sons behavior we can tell what kind of filthy human being you must be.

Jeff said...

Oh, guys, I have LOTS and lots and lots of Arab friends. Most of them are very polite.

But, hey, knock yourselves out! :) God bless you too. And your families.

Saddam Hussein said...

Jeff you are a racist asshole who thinks by saying "i have arab friends" he can pretend to not be a racist. That is like the white racists who say "I have a black friend" Same shit. If you supported the war you supported the killing of arabs. Again, fuck you, fuck your family, fuck your prayers, and fuck your god if he does not teach to oppose the murder of people.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! Someone who names himself after one of the worst mass-murderers in history accuses others of murder! Well said, Jeff. You don't have to defend yourself against charges of racism against 'Saddam', who was renowned for his racist hatred of Iranians.

Ray Odierno said...

Greetings Saddam, how are things in hell? Back on earth, millions of Iraqis just voted for their government in free elections. Your former supporters in the Sunni Arab community voted for Allad Allawi, who was fully behind the US liberation of Iraq. I thought I'd give you this good news to cheer you up while the Devil is exploring your butt-hole with a red-hot poker.

Nobody said...

Saddam was always a kind of unstable personality, but his condition has clearly deteriorated after his untimely demise.

Jeff said...


I guess that might be true. It also might be true that you are a racist for automatically siding with Arabs against Americans.

But I don't THINK it's necessarily true that you have to be a racist if you support a war against a dictator of another race. But maybe you'll change my mind.

Anyway, it sounds as though I'm arguing against heart more than mind. Maybe your family and friends suffered during the war. If so, I am truly sorry.

If it makes you feel better to hurl invective at me, I don't mind. :)

Ray Odierno said...

That should have been "Ayad Allawi", my apologies to the election winner.

Dolly said...

Jeff jokes:
"Iraq and its people are in my family's prayers every night"

Yea but, you are a mushrik and your prayers are null.

Aton said...

Speaking of “mushrik”, what is the story behind the black rock in Mecca?

Anonymous said...

dear Jeff,
Thanks for your comments. I believe many Americans share your view of Iraq (but NOT a majority).
This election makes me all the prouder to carry my nic into the blogosphere.

Harry Barnes said...

Sorry to be serious, but see -

Maury said...

Sure,they were pagans when Allah was just a moon god Aton. Facing Mecca five times a day and the annual haj were pagan rituals. That was before it was announced that the moon god had actually created the moon,as well as everything else. That makes the rock worshippers Lords of the Universe. And everyone else is going to hell,of oourse. We're just mushrooms.....or whatever our moon howling sheep is calling us today.

Jeff said...

Okay, Dolly, then my terrible, wicked, evil, null prayers are for you too!

Blessings and happiness to you and yours. :)

Saddam Hussein said...

Jeff is pretending to be decent. What a terrible bit of acting. And I did not side with Arabs against Americans asshole. I sided with the Iraqis against the foreign invaders and murderers. That is you guys. Only sick diseased minds and sould would ever go across the world and invade a country, kill millions and then claim it is an act of altruism. How delusional and diseased are you fucking Americans?

Anonymous said...

jeffrey from New York is now a born again peace loving piece of white terrorist. he doesn't need mojo's service no more, he gets them every sunday from his local

Hasan said...

Jeff, you are truly a friend and brother to all Iraqis who hate tyranny and love freedom. I thank you and your country's armed forces for liberating us.

Jeff said...


I'm not Jeffrey from New York. That's another guy.

Jeff said...


As you wish. :)

Jeff said...

Mr. Hasan:

You are very welcome. Three cheers for Iraq!

Iraqi Mojo said...

Thank you Jeff for the nice comments.

Dolly said...

"This election makes me all the prouder to carry my nic into the blogosphere.

And we are supposed to believe that you cared about liberating Eyeraq ?

What is the real reason that Americans stood behind the war in 2003.
A perception that "them there f'reigners"
were trying to screw with Amurrica, so therefore it was time to Nuke France and Nuke Iraq.

But then the occupation actually wound up losing 4000 men to Iraqi 10-year-olds throwing thermal grenades.

So 1 million uniformed Shiites had to come in, and die in droves to try to save Uncle Sam.

And that is the reason you are now trying to spray-paint the whole thing as liberation.
In an attempt to justify your unjustifiable and premeditated war crimes; and also out of thanks and piety for Shiite dumbasses who continue to die for your sake.