Monday, March 22, 2010

Saddam's Reign of Terror

According to Part 6, an estimated 300,000 bodies were found in mass graves.


Dolly said...

The Americans like to talk about Saddam and his supposed killings, because they are trying to justify U.S. crimes in Iraq.

For example, have you seen the photos of people killed in their beds in Al-Fallujah.
Apparently the Crusaders were under orders to kill every male in the city, so they just broke into homes and killed people in their beds.

And now, Mojo is trying to help them justify everything, by posting tailor-made nonsense about Saddam.

This idiot is not ashamed of hurting his own people; and it seems I am more distressed about the victims of "Shock & Awe" than he is, even as I'm not from the region.

Iraqi Mojo said...

So this documentary is nonsense? I guess I should not expect anything but denial from the Wahhabi scum of earth.

I have posted plenty about "collateral damage" caused by US fire. I have posted a lot about Blackwater.

The Wahhabi sharamee6 just don't like it when I post about the crimes of Saddam, who killed many times more Iraqis than Americans did. The Wahhabis and 3arab jarab (the scum of the earth) care about the deaths of Iraqis only when the US causes those deaths.

Saddam Hussein said...

Stop lying. I did not kill anyone. I defended Iraq from the traitors. Everyone who died was carrying a weapon and fighting to rip Iraq apart.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...


Don't get me wrong. I'm on your side and not on the side of the Saddam lovers.

But why do you think you get so many comments from Iraqis and other Arabs who side with Saddam and so few from those who hated him and are glad he is gone?

And why does it seem that so few Iraqis are happy that we set them free, but seem consumed with bitterness against us? Even the Shia?

Saddam Hussein said...

Jeff no Iraqi supported your invasion exept the puppets the invasion brought with them to Iraq. There is near unanimity in Iraq and the rest of the Arab world in opposition to your criminal invasion and the genocide you have inflicted on Iraq. You dumbfuck Americans need to stop believing your own bullshit. You did not liberate Iraq and saying that is offensive and racist. You really need to distinguish between the reality and the bullshit you can feed to a very very dumb American populace.