Saturday, March 27, 2010

Allawi got many votes from secular Shia

"Allawi’s performance among Shia voters was the biggest surprise. Even though his slate had a distinctly Sunni flavor, the majority proportion of Shias who had voted for him in the 2005 election seem to have cast their votes for his candidates again. Allawi picked up 12 seats in predominately Shia provinces, and as many as eight seats from the Shia vote in Baghdad. These were probably voters who were fed up with the Shia Islamist parties, and who had decided to bandwagon with a secular slate that seemed best poised to challenge the Islamist stranglehold on power.

But it would be a mistake to assume that the Shia secular vote all went to Allawi; anecdotal evidence suggests that a very large proportion of that vote went to Maliki, who had successfully recast himself in the Shia public imagination as a secular candidate, even though he heads an Islamist party."

-Nibras Kazimi

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gilgamesh X said...

my comment:

"He's a Baathist," they said. But he's not a Saddamist

could you explain the difference ? wasn't it 3Aflaq, the founder of Baathism, who made Saddam the leader of this same party ? Does Allawi stick to Baathism's aims "unity, freedom, socialism" ? Allawi and socialism ? Baathism is a kind of master race ideology. Baathism doesn't know democracy.

and he's a Shia, I say, and that makes him unlikely to allow the mass murder of Shia (like Saddamists did and would again if given the opportunity).

just being shia means nothing. Saddam also killed even his own cousin. and the majority of baath party members were Shia due to the demographics. that doesn't count. in Iraq even family members did report on each other, you know this, so Allawi being a shia is by no means a guarantee that he wouldn't go on a killing rampage on Shia.

I doubt that he could do this but this excuse is a bit too cheap. After all, Shroogis are also Shia but contempted generally by Shia and Sunna.

Allawi is also secular and pro-American

What does it mean to be secular in Iraq ? Just selling alcohol or what ?

and being pro-american is no necessary criterion, being a friend of america is okay, but the Iraqi politican has to be pro-IRAQI, this is by far more important than being friendly to America.

And being pro-Iraqi does not mean to travel to Saudi Jarabstan or Turkey to get an approval for rule. Adding this to his baathism and jarabstani nationalism, I would say, this man want to push back Iraq to the Jarabstani family.

Instead of pursueing those who send us their youth to kill us like Saudi Jarabstan or those who faciliate terrorism like Ba3athi Syria, he goes there to beg and bow down.

Iraq is not to serve Iyad Allawi but vice versa.

If Allawi just bows down to the Arabs to buy time, I say okay, otherwise I say to the Saddam without mustache: 6a7 7adhek ya Iyad klautchi.

Jeff said...

I guess this is really going to be the turning point.

Will the politicians learn to be politicians? And work with each other?

Or will they maneuver in an attempt to become strongmen?

I think in the end, they will learn to do the former. I certainly hope so.

God bless Iraq!

Dolly said...

"those who send us their youth to kill us like Saudi Jarabstan"

KSA is not really supporting those fighters, they consider them Khawarij.
The recommendation of Saudi scholars was
for Iraqis to stay in their houses and only defend the household if attacked.

Habis said...

Gilgamesh the Babylonian

If you are an Iraqi why not pick up a rifle and go defend your country. Iraq is under occupation you babbling clown. Given your Iraqi patriotism it does not seem appropriate this is the right time for you to spend your time behind a screen shouting curse words in Arabic at Arabs. What purpose does that serve? How do you help Iraq? What contribution have you made to Iraqi culture and civilization? What have you done for your country? How do you benefit Iraqis by doing this?

Feel free to answer in Arabic or Babylonian. lol.