Friday, March 05, 2010

Iraq the Cradle of Civilization

Another excellent documentary by Michael Wood.

"Iraqis are a mixture of Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Persians, whose ancestry goes back to the mysterious people who created the first civilization: the Sumerians."


Ibn Tikrit said...

what do you know about civilization and culture ya ibn al gahba, your father is a cia agent who worked for chalabi ya ibn al khera. you can't even speak, read or write arabic ya ma3fen, we know all of your history and that of your rotten family from the day you were born. kelb ibn el kelb. you're nothing but an american spineless coward slut boy.
by the way when is your next bend over session with jeffrey from n.y astoria ?
and i also live in california, come and meet me ya slut.

Iraqi Mojo said...

When and why did you flee to America, Ibn Tikrit?

العرب اكبر منافقين

Iraqi Mojo said...

العرب جرب

الامريكي محرر

Iraqi Mojo said...

How many Iraqis did you murder, Ibn Tikrit, before you fled to Amreeka?

Jeffrey said...


Thought you might like this:

Why I Will Vote


Dolly said...

That leaflet with the white dove of peace voting in the elections, reeks of Crusader psy-op.

One important thing to remember is that Iraqi traitors are striving for the cause of Satan, and therefore represent a single body with the Americans.
Harming an Iraqi collaborator equals harming a Crusader equals harming Satan

So have no quarter on the voters, cut their hearts out of their bodies

Don Cox said...

Certainly Iraqis who vote are allies of the US in that they believe democracy is better than dictatorship. Supporters of tyranny may well wish to kill them - which I think means killing the great majority of Iraqis, as well as almost all Europeans, Americans, Indians, Japanese, Australians, etc.

Cutting hearts out is an Aztec practice, rather than Muslim, I think. Perhaps "Dolly" is Mexican?

Anonymous said...

Beyond all the blithering on here.. I would someday like to visit Iraq. My aunt did so back in the 40's - 50's.. Instead of the sectarian nonsense that goes on now, I believe the Iraqi economy and people could benefit from tourism.. A good country with a great history. And I do not mean the current history.

Anonymous said...

"and i also live in california, come and meet me ya slut"
Ibn Tikrit

Why would you want to fuck a man in the anus? Why do you speak like a homosexual predator? Don't you understand how sick you are?

Anonymous said...

so, this blog is dedicated to just smearing each other!? how about some constructive bantering..