Monday, March 08, 2010

3arab jarab unimpressed by Iraqi democracy

"Region Unimpressed by Balloting in Iraq"

Our Arab "brothers" are still the scum of the earth, it seems. I loathe the cockroach 3arab jarab.


Dolly said...

That's because you're a house 3arab, Mojo. You hate Arabs but you love the Crusaders.

They, in turn, consider you a porch monkey.

Iraqi Mojo said...

None of my relatives have been killed by "Crusaders". A few have been killed by the cockroach 3arab jarab. I don't expect a wahhabi sharmoo6a to understand.

Dolly said...

Btw the definition of democracy is not: "Something that Americans approve of."

and the definition of terrorism is not: "Something that Americans don't like; and definitely excluding the stuff they do like."

This demonic lunacy in Iraq in the past 7 years is far far removed from democracy.

Dolly said...

How come none of your kin got hurt in the wars, if the toll from the 1991 and 2003 conflicts totaled many tens of thousands?

Iraqi Mojo said...

The cockroach 3arab jarab, beginning with Saddam, have been killing my relatives since 1980.

Iraqi Mojo said...

'the definition of democracy is not: "Something that Americans approve of." '

Nor is the definition of democracy "something that 3arab jarab or the wahhabi scum of earth approve of."

Anonymous said...

@ IM

hello, how are you ?

out of topic, but: why does your blog attract freaks like Dolly ?

I mean, that should give you to think about it.

And this dolly puppet, where is she from ? From what part of Jarabstan ?

And I, BTW, do not approve with Milton Friedman to be a genius, quite the opposite.

@ Dolly

I am not a Kurd, according to your own measures, I am from a family with a famous "Arab" name, so try to switch your brain on. oops, switching brains on is normally not Jarabs' business.

gilgamesh x / exile - iraqi

Iraqi Mojo said...

Dolly posts from Belgrade, but she's a big fan of the Saudi 3arab jarab and she likes to quote the Qur'an. Except like most wahhabi 3arab jarab, she ignores the parts of the Qur'an that instruct Muslims to respect Jews and Christians.

Maybe Milosovich killed her relative and she expects to see all Iraqis killing Christians for her, kinda like Lebanese & Falastizi jarab expect Iraqis to kill Americans for them. In any case, I think she needs to see a therapist.

gilgamesh X said...

yeah, but those Serbs I know here are strong supporter of the "Iraqi resistance" and of Saddam, they mostly think he has cojones.

Iraqi Mojo said...

The Serbs can get together with the 3arab jarab and eat khera from Falastizi!

Iraqi Mojo said...

But Serbia has a good relationship with the new Iraq. Serbia is selling Iraq many weapons. What are you doing about that, Dolly?

Anand said...

Yup Mojo, Serbia appears to be Iraq's preferred arms supplier after the US. Serbia has replaced South Korea as the Iraqi Army's BFF (Best Friend Forever.)

The Iraqi Government and Serbian governments are pals.

Gilgamesh, Iraqi Exile; the Serb people really think Saddam had cojones? In what way did he demonstrate his "cojones"?

If anyone has cojones, shouldn't it be PM Maliki? For that matter, Allawi has more cojones than Saddam the wanna be Lucifer worshiper.

|3run0 said...

In other news, Iraq is unimpressed by the region's reaction. Really, what did you expect them to say? "Congratulation! BTW, we suck"? Because to praise Iraqi proto-democracy, or even to admit it might work, is to implicitly undermine the legitimacy of the way all other (Lebanon partially excepted) Arab countries are run.

One of the fundamental assumptions about the region, made by both the local elites and the outside powers, is the old arabist trope according to which 'Arabs can only be ruled by force'. The fact that the present rulers have been remarkably successful in keeping the lid on the various potentially explosive conflicts within their borders is their sole remaining source of legitimacy. Their mandate of heaven, so to speak.

If ethno-sectarian tensions and religious fundamentalism in an Arab country can be contained by an inclusive social contract and the checks and balances of an open society (or approximation thereof), the usefulness of the present arrangements in the ME will have to be called into question.

Ερμής said...

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Don Cox said...

I think Saddam did have cojones. He was a very wicked man, and it was essential to remove him from power, but he was not lacking in courage. He met his end bravely.

Babylonian Princess said...

hahha, loved the post!

Anand said...

Babylonian Princess, congratulations for getting into medical school. :-)

That is some achievements. Now only 8 years of grueling studying (4 for Med School, 4 for residency) left.

gilgamesh X said...

yeah , saddam had cojones. that is what Russians or Serbians think of him.

I rememeber discussing with a Russian this issue and if we wouldn't have been on a wedding, I would have beat this man up (and I told him so).

You know that is the cojones they mean: doing something what you feel to do. That is the same thing with Saddam, he resisted the USA.

But the main problem is that he did so while he killed Iraqis. It did not cost him to resist Iraqis. He evaded leaving Iraq earlier on and so sanctions and so on did not hurt him.

it is some kind of masculinity stuff - similar to people watching weird movies from Terentino like "from dusk till dawn".

Iraqi Mojo said...

Saddam murdered Iraqis before he resisted the USA. In fact he started mass murdering Iraqis as an employee of the CIA.

Habis said...

Saddam Hussein never worked for anyone but the Iraqi people and the Arab nation. The martyred President was a man of courage and honor and this is undeniable. It is only natural that the traitors and American puppets hate him so much. The people who hate Saddam are the ones who came to Iraq with the US occupation army and they will leave Iraq with the US occupation army.

Saddam was offered a plan for him to move to Moscow with his family. He rejected that and stated "I will never leave my homeland, only a coward would leave his homeland, I will resist the invasion and whatever happens happens. I can only guarantee that I will never sell Iraq and that I will die in Iraq" He was true to his word and now he is a real modern day Salah al-Din.

As for the pussys on this blog. I am an arabjarab and I am offering anyone anywhere in Southern California to meet this arabjarab in person.

Anonymous said...

If anyone here has balls 1/10th the size of Saddams balls then meet an arabjarab in person.

Why hide behind a screen and mouth off? Either shut up or show up! You are embarassing yourselves this way.

Iraqi Mojo said...

How Saddam started working for the Arab nation:

"According to Western scholars, as well as Iraqi refugees and a British human rights organization, the 1963 coup was accompanied by a bloodbath. Using lists of suspected Communists and other leftists provided by the C.I.A., the Baathists systematically murdered untold numbers of Iraq's educated elite -- killings in which Saddam Hussein himself is said to have participated. No one knows the exact toll, but accounts agree that the victims included hundreds of doctors, teachers, technicians, lawyers and other professionals as well as military and political figures."

Habis said...

Iraqimojo can I Come to your house in Thousand Oakes?

Dolly said...

Anand asked:
"the Serb people really think Saddam had cojones? In what way did he demonstrate his 'cojones'?"

Serbs can't tell Iraqis apart, so they are friends with everyone from Saddam to Maliki.

This is Serbia's defense minister meeting with Nouri:

I saw a conversation on YouTube once between an Iraqi Shi'ite and a Serb. The Shi'ite made a friendly comment,
so the Serb answered: "Oh we love you guys too man, long live Saddam."

See? They don't understand which side is which.
But traditionally, Iraq is a friend.

Jeff said...

Oh, for heaven's sake, Habis! :D

Okay, Saddam had some good characteristics. Most evil people do. He was not a sniveling coward.

But that doesn't mean he "worked for Iraq". He was exceedingly brutal and most Iraqis are happy to see him gone. He was working for the Great Saddam, that's who he was working for.

I remember reading one Sunni Iraqi girl's blog a bit more than a year after our intervention. She despised the "occupation" and condemned American soldiers, etc.

But one day she wrote "Saddam is on TV! When I saw him, I was so frightened, I started shaking and I couldn't stop. It felt like he was back!"

I never forgot that. The few Iraqis that proclaimed that things were better under his vicious dictatorship were really expressing frustration over seemingly endless chaos or fear that their group would come out under the others.

Things are not perfect now in Iraq. But they are much better. And Iraqis can choose their own future, rather than having a lunatic dictate it to them.

Dolly said...

Tell us how many people you've killed, expelled and imprisoned to achieve this fantastic 12 hours of electricity a day.