Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Iraqi Shia Love Ahmed Chalabi

'Mr. Chalabi has been accused of opportunism in forging his alliance with Shiite extremists, but he said that was not his intent. “Sectarian politics gets votes in Iraq,” he said. “But sectarian government fails in Iraq.”

THE de-Baathification controversy, which caused an uproar both in the West and among Sunnis, was actually, say some Western diplomats now, a masterstroke by Mr. Chalabi. It cemented his alliance with Shiites, tapping into their still bubbling reservoir of resentment here toward the indignities of living under Mr. Hussein.

“He’s a hero, Chalabi, because he uprooted the Baathists,” said Ahmed Khalaf, 33, who works in a grocery store in Sadr City, a predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad. “Any Baathists he found, he tore them out of the government.”

Another Sadr City resident, Abu Ahmed Hassan, 50, called Mr. Chalabi “beloved.” He said, “The Americans hate him, the Jordanians arrested him. So he must be good.”


Anonymous said...

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spinspermy said...

"Another Sadr City resident, Abu Ahmed Hassan, 50, called Mr. Chalabi “beloved.” He said, “The Americans hate him, the Jordanians arrested him. So he must be good.” "
With that kind of logic Iraq will advance forward!!!? So Musa'ab Alzarqway been hated by Americans and Jordinians helped them to get rid of him, so he must be GOOD?!

Aton said...

3arabjarab, how does one choose to be 3arabjarab, and then accuse free men of being “racist?” Why do you murder innocent women and children shopping in Iraqi markets? What sort of sick fucking 3arabjarab would spend his waking monuments as an apologist to these evil deeds?

Iraqi Mojo said...

This post is a quote from the New York Times, and it was written by TIM ARANGO. Arab American journalist Anthony Shadid and and [Iraqi?] journalist Riyadh Mohammed contributed reporting.

It should be expected that the anonymous 3arab jarab (the scum of the earth) to attack the blogger who quotes the article rather than attack the authors of the article.

Some residents of Sadr City evidently love Ahmed Chalabi. Rather than dealing with the facts, the anonymous idiots attack me for quoting the NYT.

Iraqi Mojo said...

At least "spinspermy" is better than the anonymous 3arab jarab and makes a good point about the article and the Sadr City resident quoted in the article. The Americans and Jordanian govts helped eliminate Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the chief Hmar el Urduni, the mass murderer of Iraqi Shia. The Sadr City resident should thank the US and Jordanian govts, one would think. If you read the entire NYT article you will discover:

'A few days ago, Mr. Chalabi hosted a group of Iraqi amputees at his compound to be fitted with prosthetic limbs, paid for by his family’s charity. “American troops shot all these guys,” he said.

Many of the injured had actually lost their limbs during the war between Iraq and Iran in the 1980s. But one, Haider Kareem, 38, said he lost his right leg in 2005 when he was caught in the middle when an American convoy opened fire.'

You must understand that many Sadr City residents like Haider do not consider the US to be entirely friendly, or they consider US soldiers to be careless. This coupled with the fact that Jordanian jarab like Zarqawi and the Deranged Sons of Salt mass murdered Iraqi Shia, you begin to understand why some Iraqi Shia distrust both the Americans and Jordanians.

Anonymous said...

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Maury said...

The US worked with Chalabi until he was caught passing secrets to Iran. I never liked him,because he tried to start a civil war with his de-baathification crapola. I could understand not allowing Baathists in top positions,but there was no excuse for firing 20,000 school teachers. Then,he pulls the Iranian gimmick of disqualifying candidates for parliament. Only secular candidates,of course. Some Iraqis may love him,but not enough to get him a seat in parliament. It's pretty funny that Allawi had 500 candidates banned from his list and still got the most votes. Screw Chalabi....and his Iranian masters.

Bruno said...

"he tried to start a civil war with his de-baathification crapola. I could understand not allowing Baathists in top positions,but there was no excuse for firing 20,000 school teachers."

Ummmm ... Maury, you do realise that it was Bremer and the US giving the de-baathification agenda to their underlings at the time, right? Nice re-write.

Saddam Hussein said...

Its not called Sadr City. The name is Saddams city. I know that because I named it myself. And the only people who love Chalabi are the ones who got crisp, new hundred dollar bills from this crook.

Neither Bremmer, nor Chalabi, nor Iran, nor the US can "De-Bathify" The US will leave, The Zionist state will evaporate, the Persians will be thrown out of Iraq and the Baath will still be around.

Iraqi Mojo said...

When did it become Saddam City? I always knew it as Al Thawra (The Revolution) when I was a kid. The name "Saddam City" for a Shia neighborhood is an insult, after you murdered hundreds of thousands of Shia. "The Revolution" is more appropriate, since so many residents of Al Thawra took part in fighting you and your fellow slime.

"Sadr City was built in Iraq in 1959 by Prime Minister Abdul Karim Qassim in response to grave housing shortages in Baghdad. At the time named Revolution City (مدينة ألثورة), it provided housing for Baghdad's urban poor, many of whom had come from the countryside and who had until then lived in appalling conditions. It quickly became a stronghold of the Iraqi Communist Party, and resistance to the Baathist-led coup of 1963 was strong there.

After the Baath Party Coup, the district was renamed Saddam City, in honor of Saddam Hussein, the Baath Party leader. After the foreign occupation of Baghdad in April 2003, the district was unofficially renamed Sadr City after deceased shiite leader Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr."

Saddam Hussein said...

Iraqi Mojo said...
When did it become Saddam City?.....After the Baath Party Coup, the district was renamed Saddam City, in honor of Saddam Hussein, the Baath Party leader.

You answered your own question. How funny.

Iraqi Mojo said...

So you called a Shia district "Saddam City" for 35 years as you mass murdered Shia. How funny, sorta kinda.

Saddam Hussein said...

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Iraqi Mojo said...

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Saddam Hussein said...

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Iraqi Mojo said...

How do you define respect, manners, and courage? It does take courage to mass murder Iraqis, but is it respectful? Is this what you call courage and good manners?

طاح حظك يا منافق يا مجرم يا صدام

طاح حظكم يا عرب جرب

Anonymous said...

I am Iranian and if Shia in Iran and elsewhere had any brains they would not be fighting Israel, but Saudi Arabia instead.
I hope we get rid of the Islamic Republic government in Iran. The Palestinian issue has nothing to do with us Iranians. And Palestinians are Persian-hating Arabs, not to mention Shia-hating Sunnis.
Ahmadinejad says some of the most stupid things I have ever heard. "We will liberate Al-Aqsa from Zionist captivity"...Why a Shia would want to liberate a Sunni mosque built by Omar ibn al-Khattab (Al Aqsa's other name is Masjid al Omar) whom ALL Shia, especially Iranian Shia HATE, is beyond me.
I want a free, democratic secular Iran, that will be an ally of ISRAEL and the United States.
True Iranians love Israel. And I hope the Saddam-loving Palestinians will suffer for a very long time, and for that I will thank Israel. Let the Palestinians scream for Omar, Othman and Abu Bakr to come help them when Israel bombs the crap out of them from F-16 fighter planes. And if Hezbollah is so stupid that it spends its time and energy on fighting Israel instead of Saudi Arabia (a country that oppresses Shia in Al-Qatif and Al-Hasa and helps minority Sunnis oppress Bahrain's Shia majority), then they deserve to be bombed by Israel too.
Israel is not against Shia Muslims. Republic of Azerbaijan is a Shia country and Israel is a good friend of Azerbaijan. Israel was Iran's best friend and ally before 1979. The mullahs in Iran are full of crap. Thanks to Saddam who gave Khomeini shelter in Iraq for 14 years, Iran fell to the crazy mullahs and terrorist Ayatollah Khomeini and now the terrorist Ayatollah Khamenei. For 14 years our beloved Shah asked Saddam to return Khomeini to Iran to face justice. Then he attacked Iran because of Khomeini. The day Saddam was executed should be an Iranian holiday. So should the day Khomeini went to hell. Both days deserve celebration.

Anonymous said...

Kuss uma7atkum a7uyal 3arab. Ta7ya Israeel. Iran taaj 3ala raaskum. Al Khaleej 7owe Farsi ila l-abad, w Israeel ila l-abad.

Bneek al-qa7batayn Aisha w Hafsa, w bneek al-khulafa ar-rashiduun w sa7aba Umar (qatalu7u al-battal al irani Abu Loulwa) w Uthman w Abu Bakr.

Anonymous said...

Khomeini al-KALB 3am yin7ariq fin-naar al ja7anam.

We miss you our beloved King Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi!

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against Arab Shia by the way...just the Sunni sons of bitches.
Iranian people's enemies have always been Sunni Arabs, but today, Iranian people's enemies are both Persian and Shia: Ayatollah Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and their basiji thugs. I hope Israel bombs Ayatollah Khamenei and Ahmadinejad's house very soon and gets rid of their nukes. We have oil and natural gas, we don't need nukes for "energy purposes".

Anonymous said...

For every Iranian pilgrim killed by Sunni Arabs in Najaf, Karbala, Samarra, and Baghdad's Kazimayn (al-Kazimiya), I hope Israelis kill 10 Palestinians (Sunni dogs).