Friday, January 06, 2012

Two Sunni soldiers killed trying to protect Shia pilgrims

'Meanwhile, top officials in Nasiriyah, worst hit by Thursday's bloodshed, held a funeral for two Sunni soldiers who, officers said, tried to prevent a suicide attack that killed 47 people in the southern city.

...Lieutenant Nazham Faleh and Private Ali Ahmed Sabah, both Sunnis from north of Baghdad, tried to wrestle the insurgent away from a crowd of Shiite pilgrims who were resting on their way to the shrine city of Karbala for Arbaeen commemorations, their commander said.

The bomber, who security officials said was carrying 35 kilograms (77 pounds) of explosives as well as nails and ball bearings, was nevertheless able to detonate his payload.

"If they did not do that, the number of casualties would have doubled because of the huge amount of explosives he was carrying, and the huge number of people around," said Colonel Sattar Jabbar al-Rizzi, commander of the Iraqi army brigade responsible for securing the area.'

Thanks Haydar for sharing.


Anonymous said...

this is the media story, what else can the media event?

David All said...

I had heard about the two soldiers who died trying to stop the suicide bomber, but did not know they were Sunnis. I pray that their sacrifice inspires Iraqis to turn away from violence and to reconcile with each other. Thanks Mojo and Haydar for the complete story.

Dolly said...
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Dolly said...

It's sad that he was unable to achieve 'double letter score,' nonetheless it's a positive thing that Al-Baghdadi is capable of deploying 35kg of explosives in this manner, bodes well for future ops.

Dolly said...

David all> I pray that their sacrifice inspires Iraqis to turn away from violence

What do you pray to, the cross.
We are going to use your philosophy Shock & Awe in dealing with the Shiyas.