Thursday, January 05, 2012

An abundance of ignorance about Iraq

I just read this comment by a "Sven Auge Jensen" on NPR's article about today's bombings that targeted Shia in Iraq: "Let me see if I've got this right. We destroy the entire country. We remove the worlds second largest known oil reserves from the world market. People murdered and maimed. Treasure squandered. And if all that wasn't enough we hung the one guy that could keep this nation of maniacs in line."

Saddam was allowing takfiri idiots to roam Iraq throughout the 90s (there were Salafi ties to Iraq before 2003) and Saddam did not keep this "nation of maniacs in line" unless keeping the nation in line means mass murdering Iraqis who were critical of the government, plunging the nation into an 8-year war with Iran and then invading Kuwait and subjecting the nation to 40 consecutive days of intense bombing and cruel sanctions and putting down a popular uprising and killing 300,000 Iraqi Shia. And we did not remove Iraq's oil from the world market!

I can see how uneducated Sunni Arabs would believe this kind of crap. But a westerner named Sven? Sven also seems to believe America hung Saddam. No, Sven, you've got it all wrong. I see a lot of ignorance and twisting of truth on the web with respect to Iraq. It is annoying. I just wanted to vent.


C.H. said...

Good post, Mojo. I agree completely...although I am not surprised westerners believe idiotic rubbish like what Sven put forward.

jnana said...

Oh God. I hate it when people think we have to choose between America and Saddam.

Anonymous said...

"putting down a popular uprising and killing 300,000 Iraqi Shia"

WRONG! there were 3, 000, 000 iraqi shia that were killed by saddam, honestly i swear, i have the names to prove it.


David All said...

Yes, the amount of ignorance concerning Iraq, along with the rest of the Middle East & South Asia, in this country is staggering, even after all these years. I would not be surprised if a majority of Americans believe that Iranians, Afghanis and Pakistanis are Arabs just like Iraqis!

Dolly said...

Look, this war has nothing to do with Saddam. The invasion of 2003 didn't happen because the U.S. had a bout of conscience about dead twelvers from the 1980s.

anan said...

Dolly, do you like twelvers?