Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"the system now is just like under Saddam"

'How do you make detainees confess? "We hang them from the ceiling and beat them until they are motionless corpses," he said. "Then they confess."

"Look," he added, "the system now is just like under Saddam: walk by the wall, don't go near politics and you can walk with your head high and not fear anything. But if you come close to the throne then the wrath of Allah will fall on you and we have eyes everywhere."'


Anonymous said...

but wait, at least they can protest now, right?


anan said...

Iraq isn't perfect. But there is more freedom, democracy and liberty than under the monster Saddam.

It is a good thing that the ISF and Iraqi intelligence is everywhere, so that they can find Takfiri scum.

Run Takfiri run. But where will you go? Where will you hide? The ISF are everywhere. They will find you. They will come in the dark and bind you.

Anonymous said...


"more freedom, democracy and liberty"

Rubbish! Women (let us say at least 50% of the population) have lost their freedom, democracy and liberty that they once had.

Bruno said...

Evidently Anand missed the bit in the article where his "GoI ISF BADR" etc goons let the 'takfiri' go if they pay a large enough bribe.

But then, he IS an illiterate.

Perhaps he ought to visit Iraq for an extended stay, to sample what a great place it has become.

(With any luck, he'll be kidnapped as soon as he leaves the airport)

Anonymous said...

We either get a view that Iraq is the most amazing or worse place after Saddam. Maybe its our Iraqiness that makes us insist on either view but the truth rests somewhere in between.

There has been definite progress in terms of freedom and standards of living yet corruption and human rights abuses are rife.

The question is whether the glass is half full or empty? http://britishiraqiforum.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/the-glass-is-half-empty/

Bruno said...

Anonymous, clearly for some people the situation has improved a lot by getting rid of Saddam. Equally clearly, for many others it has gotten a lot worse, given the MILLIONS of Iraqi refugees either in neighbouring countries or left destitute within Iraq itself. My question is: was nearly a decade of war worth it just to end up here? I'm of the opinion that it was not. Let's be honest: illegal invasion or 'arab spring'?