Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kuwaitis hated Saddam too

I stumbled upon this Wiki entry on Musallam Al-Barrak, member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly:

'On January 6, 2007, Al-Barrak called for halting foreign aid to Yemen and other countries that have seen protests against the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Al-Barrak strongly condemned the positions of Yemen, Libya, Fatah, Hamas, and certain groups in Jordan that deplored Saddam’s execution and hailed him as a martyr. Al-Barrak ridiculed Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, calling them “the orphans of Saddam Hussein who will face the same dark fate." Al-Barrak was quoted by the Kuwait Times as saying, "Yemen’s president has said that Saddam’s execution is an insult to all Arabs and we say that it is an insult to all leaders who oppress their people. Saddam has gone to the dustbin of history while his orphans Saleh and Gaddafi wait for their dark fate." Al-Barrak went on to say he regretted the flow of Kuwaiti financial aid to Yemen and other countries, the latest of which was a $200m interest-free loan to Yemen: “It appears that our destiny is to increase aid and help to countries while they increase their insults towards us. We urge the government to defend the dignity of the Kuwaiti people."'


jnana said...

"and we say that it is an insult to all leaders who oppress their people"

Please. Like that's the reason Kuwaitis can't stand Saddam. We all know how much they supported him and regarded him as a hero during the Iraq-Iran war. Was he not oppressing his people then?

Iraqi Mojo said...

A very good point, jnana! Kuwaitis hated Saddam only after Saddam & Sons invaded and plundered Kuwait.

anan said...

jnana makes some good points. Fortunately the Kuwaitis had the courage to change their minds and to see Saddam for the demon spawn he is.

Mojo, do you think Maliki, the GoI and ISF should help the Syrian resistance against Assad? I mean not be in the lead position but to quietly support Turkey, Arab League, NATO; letting them take the lead.

Anonymous said...

C.H and other zionists:

C.H. said...


The day after the Iranian scientist was killed I talked with my friend in Tehran about it...and she says most Iranians blame the gov't for his death.

I myself think it was probably an outside force (perhaps KSA or Israel), but its interesting how reluctant the Iranian people are to rally behind their gov't over anything.

Dolly said...

Maybe when the EU implements the oil embargo this summer, then Iran will die.

They've been posting pro-regime articles about Syria on PressTV which is another disgrace.

Anonymous said...

dear Dolly,
It's not often that we can harmonize, but you're still a little off key ::: instead of " then Iran will die",please sing, " when the IRI will die, and Iran be freed."