Monday, January 09, 2012

Al Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for Baghdad bombings

"A terrorist group affiliated with al-Qaeda has asserted responsibility for 37 recent attacks in Iraq’s capital, including what the organization called a failed attempt to assassinate the prime minister, as violence continued throughout the country Monday."


jnana said...

Allah yintiqim minhum

Iraqi Blogger said...

والزرقاوي يتبنى العملية!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

is this the usual claim that "cannot be independently verified"?

Are we allowed to question the claim or are we supposed to believe everything the media tells us to?

Dolly said...

Why doubt the claim, if AQI announced bloody days in 2010.

When Abu Umar al-Baghdadi was killed, his position was filled by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and he said he would rain blood on the shiites

anan said...

Schlonich . . . Ukhti Dolly. Please be happy and peaceful.

Why don't you like twelvers? Do you like Ishmaelis? Sufis? Christians? Jews? Hindus? Budhists? Zorastrians? Who do you like?

What would it take for you to become Best Friends Forever with twelvers?

If PM Maliki, GoI and ISF decided to help the Syrian resistance against Assad, would you be willing to make friends with them?

Do you like PM Erdogan?

Anonymous said...

"Why doubt the claim"

are you serious? do you want me to believe everything the media tells me?

Because if I did, then I would have to believe the Iraqi war was about "freedom" and "democracy", Palestinians are "terrorists", "invented people", and Afghans are "cave men"

Muhannad said...

I bet Anonymous believes that 9/11 was an inside job too.

Anonymous said...

muhannad, i dont "believe", i look at facts and make a decision based on FACTS.

I dare you to use your own mind and think for yourself. Are you up for that challenge?

Muhannad said...

Sunni Arab extremists have mass murdered Shia before. The facts point to Sunni Arab extremist murderers. Which facts would you like to discuss?

Dolly said...

► do you like twelvers?

Is that some kind of sexual innuendo. I listen to Yasser al Habib, Nakshawani and others from the people of Tashayyu' and innovation.

Their aqeeda is quite stupid and boils down to worshipping a royal family (Ahl ul Bayt). Worshipping people of a specific bloodline strikes me as wrong