Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obama on Syria's Assad: Human Dignity Cannot Be Denied

Obama just said that in his state of the union speech. He also said the US is determined in preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.


Bruno said...

Human dignity cannot be denied, huh?

Well, to have dignity, first you must be worth something.

Clearly, the Americans think that Iraqis are worthless if this is anything to go by:

"In the mother of all plea bargains, Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, who was charged with leading the US Marines’ massacre of 24 civilians in the Iraqi city of Haditha, plead guilty to a single count of “dereliction of duty.”

His “sentence,” such as it is, will amount to a demotion to the rank of private and a pay cut related to his loss of rank. He will serve no jail time.

The announcement has angered a number of Iraqis, particularly the relatives of the slain, who say the verdict is an insult. "


Anonymous said...

just proves that americans believe Iraqi blood is cheap

Aton said...

Wow Bruno, you’re so compassionate. I remember you cheering the “resistance” as the killed multitudes indiscriminately in Iraqi markets.

Umkhonto we Sizwe said...

Bruno and his Boer brethren are still murdering blacks whenever they get the chance. Here's a news report from the BBC website:

The Afrikaners hurled racial slurs - calling the blacks "baboons" and "kaffirs" - both derogatory names used to refer to black people.

This was far removed from Nelson Mandela's vision of a new South Africa - a rainbow nation.

In the days of apartheid, the Afrikaners used to dominate South Africa and some still yearn for those days.

Many agree that Saturday's brutal murder has turned a town which had learned to cope with its racism into one which now calls for drastic action including taking up arms, if only for protection.

This has caused a wave of fear in black residents of South Africa's farming areas, where racism remains rife.

In the rest of the country, open signs of racism are rare but black and white South Africans largely lead separate lives.

"I live in the township a few kilometres from town and we don't feel safe as blacks, especially now Terreblanche has been killed," said university student Lesego Tsui.

"I don't even want to go out at night any more because you don't know if the Boers [whites] will come after us."


Anonymous said...

ffff this "human dignity cannot be denied"....meanwhile, human dignity has been denied to the Palestinians for 60+ years


Bruno said...

"the killed multitudes indiscriminately in Iraqi markets"

That can't be English. Dude, lay off smoking your socks. All that accumulated toe-jam evidently has a deleterious effect on your cortex.

Bruno said...

But yes, the Americans did kill multitudes in the markets, and other Iraqi areas as well.

Umkhonto we Sizwe said...

The South African Boer has no right to criticize anyone who gives people the right to vote, something the Boers denied to the "kaffirs" they were slaughtering at Sharpeville and a hundred other places.