Saturday, April 09, 2011

There is a new Bahrain

A more repressive Bahrain.

NYT: 'In the last two months of rising tensions and violence, his was a voice of moderation, urging both the Sunni royal family and leaders of the predominantly Shiite protest movement to sit down and compromise. He wrote columns criticizing government repression and corruption, and others condemning moves by protesters to march on the royal palace and barricade the country’s main highway — acts that eventually provoked a sweeping crackdown over the last three weeks.

But suddenly, Mr. Jamri found himself out of a job, forced to quit last weekend to keep Al Wasat open. He now spends his days clearing out his office and preparing to face prosecutors on Monday. They have accused him of publishing false stories to incite Shiites to rise up against the government.

“They have taken away my baby,” said Mr. Jamri, who says the false stories were planted. “When they touch and attack Al Wasat, it is a message to everybody that there is a new Bahrain. They are re-engineering the country.” '


Wayne said...


I appreciate your posts. I hope you will not stop because you don't get comments. I check your blogspot every day but usually don't leave a comment.
It is always news for me and helps keep me informed of happenings over there.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Thanks Wayne! I've been very busy lately. I started a new job, I'm buying new furniture, I'm learning new things. I've been listening to the news and there's so much to write about, so many hot spots all over the world! So many important issues to discuss, but I can't seem to find the time. I will try to post more.

Maury said...

There's a 35% Sunni minority oppressing Shia in Bahrain, and a 10% Shia minority sect oppressing Sunnis in Syria. These minorities divvy up the spoils, while the majorities are viewed with suspicion and disdain. I can tell you who Bush would have sided with in both cases. Condi would have been all over the leaders like white on rice. But, those days are behind us. We're stuck with Carter Jr. for another 5 years or so. Reagan just did beat Carter in 1980. There are no Reagans out there today. I know you've got a man crush on Obama Mojo. But, he's absolutely the worst President Arabs could have been dealt during their bid for freedom.

Dolly said...

I actually support Trump in 2012.
His ascension will bring a new Mideast policy as well.
As a person of business I appreciate people of business, so this man Trump will restore you to former glory

Anonymous said...

dear Maury,
"" We're stuck with Carter,Jr. for another 5 years or so "".
The White Flag of Surrender doesn't look good on you.Until the votes are counted, let's assume Americans can retire O-Bambi Nov.'12, and work toward that goal.