Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saudi troops burn Qur'an in Bahrain

The Press TV clip below claims Saudis burned a Qur'an in Bahrain. Somebody tell the Afghans!

Thanks Global Liberation Network for posting on fb.


Maury said...

Wahabbi's burning Qurans. Whatever is this world coming to? I'm sure they'll have something chopped off once King Abdullah finds out. Hands for stealing, heads for being raped, and maybe a teeny weeny for burning Qurans? What do you think Dolly? Should Osama run for his life while he still can?

Dolly said...

As C.H. said, I don't trust PressTV

The Shia actually don't believe in the Quran, they say the Sahaba tampered with it. They say Abu Bakr & Umar changed the verses, to throw out any lionization of Ali, and to praise themselves.

So maybe, one possibility is that the Rejectionists in Bahrayn changed the book, and then the Saudis destroyed the alteration

Aton said...

The Quran was written by men.

Anonymous said...

The Afghan riots over the burning of Qurans involved burning down several schools and shops, all of which contained Qurans.


C.H. said...

I should be ashamed, but I'm going to agree with Dolly. Press TV has provided nothing but hypocrisy and outright nonsense in its coverage of the Arab revolts. The Iranian regime is crying over a burned Quran in Bahrain, but they have ordered their state-run media to either ignore the protests in Syria or bash the protesters as foreign tools.

The IRI has repeatedly proclaimed its support for an "Islamic awakening" in the Arab world...and many of the protesters in Syria are devout Muslims who are being slaughtered inside of their mosques by Assad's goons. Where's their support from Khamenei and the Qom clerics?

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as Shia Quran. In Bahrain, only Saudi printed Qurans are available.
All murders/destruction should be condemned, all humans/places are equal.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Check out this Subaru ad in Israel. C.H., do you believe it? Is it real?

What do you think, Dolly?