Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How did Obama get into Harvard?

He was smart, hard working, and very determined, and he was not rich like Donald Trump, who questions how Barack Obama got into Harvard. I always wondered how George W. Bush got into Yale. Bush was wealthy, born to a wealthy father who graduated from Yale. Compared to Bush, Obama had nothing.

Ed Schultz said tonight that Donald Trump is a racist. I agree. He's either racist or just pandering to racists.

PS: Watch this:


Dick Stanley said...

If criticizing Obama's schmarts makes you a racist, Trump has a lot of company.

Iraqi Mojo said...

They are not just criticizing his schmarts. They're questioning his legitimacy. They've been questioning his legitimacy since he ran for President and it gets worse as 2012 approaches. They want to see his birth certificate (the LONG FORM!) and now they want to see his transcripts. It's silly, if not racist. I mean did the Donald question how Bush got into Yale?

I don't think Trump is racist, but I do believe a significant portion of his fans are racists and birthers.

wfs said...

Well, that's his destiny.

CMAR II said...

Well, the President himself says that his grades prior to Harvard were not great and that he benefitted from Affirmative Action.

So why is it racist for Trump to say so? Why doesn't the President just release his grades as GWB did to end to HIS OWN part of involvement in the controversy?

I sick unto death with the President's supporters finding racism in every disagreement with the President's policies and disparagement of his leadership. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

This is so funny! Haven't you guys got a life? Why spend time on trivia?