Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Iraqi commentators get violent during discussion about Saddam's legacy

Watch this clip of a show called "The Democracy Club" to see a Saddamist (I presume) telling an Iraqi Shiite that he'll cut his tongue out if he talks about Saddam. The Iraqi Shiite replies with "eat shit, I WILL talk about Saddam". They get up, the Saddamist starts throwing punches and a fight ensues. You can hear the Saddamist yelling obscenities, insulting the Shiite's father and calling him a Shroogi, an Iranian. The Shiite replies with some of the same pejoratives ("no YOU are despicable!").

This is an example of why democracy and reconciliation have been so very difficult in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

meanwhile mojo cheerleads in the background...

Iraqi Mojo said...

Cheer leads in the background? Actually I've only described what I saw, and I even added that the Shiite replied with some of the same pejoratives. He should have just kept talking about Saddam and let the schmuck throw punches. In any case, this shows how violent some Iraqis get when they are confronted with the truth about Saddam's crimes.

The Saddamist would cut your tongue out if you talk bad about Saddam. That's disgusting, it's not cheer leading.

I cheer for Obama. Go USA!