Sunday, February 13, 2011

Teabagger's biggest concern: we must stand with Israel

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Maury said...

It's a little deeper than the Tea Party Mojo. Washington's #1 concern in the Middle East for the last 60 years has been standing with Israel. Democrats as much as anybody. I know the Tea Party gets under your skin.....but it isn't responsible for every evil under the sun. Don't go Bruno on us....LOL.

Iraqi Mojo said...

True, the US govt in general has stood by Israel.

Dolly said...

Michele Bachmann is awesome. Wow. Wow. I would vote for her. She is so nice, unlike Palin

C.H. said...

Nonsense...teabaggers are somewhat more anti-Israel than the general population is.

Iraqi Mojo said...

To be clear, the comment about Israel in the clip was made by one teabagger, hence "Teabagger's biggest conern" and not "Teabaggers' biggest concern". The teabagger who made the comment is a new member of Congress named Schilling.

Perhaps this is an indication of how other teabaggers feel about Israel:

'Almost two dozen Tea Party-affiliated lawmakers cosponsored a new resolution late last week that expresses their support for Israel "to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the use of military force."

The lead sponsor of the resolution was Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, one of four congressmen to announce the formation of the 44-member Tea Party caucus at a press conference on July 21. The other three Tea Party Caucus leaders, Michele Bachmann, R-MN, Steve King, R-IA, and John Culberson, R-TX, are also sponsors of the resolution. In total, 21 Tea Party Caucus members have signed on, according to the latest list of caucus members put out by Bachmann's office.'