Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Iranian Taliban

It saddens me to think that Iraq might become (or already is) like Iran in their enforcement of 'Islamic' law.  The current Iranian regime seems to be the Shi'i version of the Taliban.

Hardships Help Iran's Leaders Tighten Grip

Published: September 5, 2007

TEHRAN, Iran, Sep. 3 — Rents are soaring, inflation hovers around 17 percent, and 10 million Iranians live below the poverty line. The police shut 20 barbershops for men in Tehran last week because they offered inappropriate hairstyles, and women have been banned from riding bicycles in many places, as a crackdown on social freedoms presses on.

For months now, average Iranians have endured economic hardships, political repression and international isolation as the nation's top officials remain defiant over Iran's nuclear program. But in a country whose leaders see national security, government stability and Islamic values as inextricably entwined, problems that usually would constitute threats to the leadership are instead viewed as an opportunity to secure its rule. 


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