Monday, September 24, 2007

Grave of 20 students found in Diyala

Mass grave of 20 students found north of Baghdad

24 September 2007
BAGHDAD - A mass grave with the bodies of 20 murdered students was found in the Iraqi province of Diyala, north of the capital Baghdad, an Iraqi security spokesman reported Monday.

According to the Aswat Al Iraq news agency, the bodies were of young men taken by extremists from a main street, and killed and buried in the area of Al Abara near the provincial capital Baquba.

Diyala province has become a centre of Sunni extremism primarily after a US-led military push to remove Al Qaeda extremists from western province of Al Anbar.

The city of Al Maqdadiya has become of the most dangerous locations in the province, where on Sunday seven people were found murdered. US and Iraqi soldiers claimed to have captured five suspected Al Qaeda terrorists on the same day.

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