Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Al Qaeda murdered too many Iraqis

From Micheal Totten's latest report from Anbar ("Al Qaeda Lost"), where he talks with an American commander (thanks for linking to this Jeffrey):

"Did the average Iraqi here switch sides or were most of them always against Al Qaeda?" I said.

"The average Iraqi post-Fallujah was not very happy with us being here," he said. "If the insurgency only attacked Americans, the people of Ramadi would not have been very upset. But Al Qaeda infiltrated and took over the insurgency. They massively overplayed their hand. They cut off citizens' heads with kitchen knives. The locals slowly learned that the propaganda about us were lies, and that Al Qaeda was their real enemy. They figured out by having dinner and tea with us that we really are, honest to God, here to help them."

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