Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will the fall of Assad throw the Middle East into turmoil?

Patrick Cockburn: "The fall of the government in Syria will not be confined to one country, as happened in Libya. It will throw the whole Middle East into turmoil. Turkish leaders say privately they have been given a free hand by the US and Britain to do what they want. But the Saudis have no wish to see Turkey become the champions of the Muslim world. The battle for Syria is already producing fresh rivalries and the seeds of future conflicts."


Maury said...

The alternative is to have a minority, sectarian regime, continue brutally suppressing the majority. The Asswad dynasty has also kept the Mideast in "turmoil" for decades. It hosts more than a dozen terror groups in Damascus. Just recently, it funneled terrorists to Iraq. Before that, it was bombings and assasinations in Lebanon. There's no good reason to keep this sick regime in any way, shape, or form.

Maury said...

Syria could well end up being run by Islamists, like Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt appear to be heading for. Still, if that's what the people want, at least they deserve the right to choose. After 50 years of totalitarian regimes, what's another 20 or 30 years of darkness gonna hurt?

Anonymous said...

maury, it will mean, Inshallah, the beginning of an end to american aggression in the region