Monday, November 21, 2011

Police pepper spray nonviolent students at UC Davis

In America! I say that as if America is exceptional, somehow superior to most countries in terms of human rights. Maybe I should not expect such high standards from America. Or should I?

It's one thing for a a police officer to defend himself against a violent criminal by pepper spraying the criminal in the face. It's a very different thing when you see a police officer pepper spraying passive students at a university that is supposed to be all about tolerance and justice. The only explanation that I can think of is that this police officer's superior officer told him to do this, in which case that superior officer must be fired.

This happened on Friday afternoon. Today the media is giving this incident a lot of coverage, thankfully.

If UC Davis wants to maintain its image as a great liberal university, the university must fire the police officers who pepper sprayed the students. Their superior officers should be fired as well. It is not enough that the chief and the pepper sprayers are put on "administrative leave", especially if they are paid while on leave. The schmucks should not be rewarded with a vacation. They should be fired immediately.


Maury said...

These were campus police, not the real deal. More like mall security. They call the real police when a crime occurs. In this case, the Chancellor ordered the occupants to be removed. Campus security over-reacted.

If these clowns decided to camp out in my front yard, I'd probably grab a couple cans of pepper spray, and a .45 for good measure.

Iraqi Mojo said...

The student protesters were not camping out in anybody's front yard. They were camping on campus, which belongs to the state.

The students are protesting high tuition fees. I heard that University of California used to be free or the tuition fee was negligible.

These days the tuition fees are high, the Chancellor makes more than $300,000 per year, the chief of campus police makes $110,000 per year, and students who protest are pepper sprayed.

'Katehi has been paid an unconscionable $324,406 in salary alone, with an additional $8,916 in “car allowance” and other benefits. Lt. Pike’s salary is a reported $110,000, more than many professors make.'

The UC campus is not your front yard, nobody's front yard.

Anonymous said...

didn't i tell you ima give you some time mr. mojo hehe

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA, democracy at work

David All said...

Mojo: "Maybe I should not expect such high standards (in human rights) from America. Or should I?"

Mojo, yes, you, I and everyone else in America should expect such high standards in this country. The cops involved in this outrage and whoever ordered them to do this should all soon be unemployed.