Thursday, November 17, 2011

Iraq executes Tunisian for bombing of Askari shrine

'Iraq executed a Tunisian man convicted of the 2006 bombing of a revered Shiite shrine that set off the worst of the country’s sectarian violence, a senior Iraqi official said Thursday.

Deputy Justice Minister Busho Ibrahim said that Yusri Fakhir, who was convicted early this year of the bombing on the al-Askari shrine in Sunni city of Samarra, was executed Wednesday in Baghdad. Ten other people — one Egyptian and nine Iraqis — also were executed on unrelated terrorism convictions, Ibrahim said.

The Tunisian Foreign Ministry expressed its “regret and displeasure” following the execution, which happened “despite the efforts undertaken by the Tunisian state” to try to win a reprieve for Fakhir.

Last week, Tunisia’s interim president sent a letter to his Iraqi counterpart, Jalal Talabani, asking for Fakhir’s release.

Fakhir’s father told the Tunisian state news agency TAP that his son was innocent of any crime.

“I consider my son a martyr and his final resting place is paradise,” Fakhir Trigui said. “There is no reason to be ashamed because he did nothing wrong.” '

He was innocent of any crime? He did nothing wrong? Did the schmuck go to Iraq as a tourist?


Anonymous said...

you should post this too..

Anonymous said...

did the american go to iraq as tourists? doesn't it bother you that 150,000 tourists went on a trip to Iraq?

Iraqi Mojo said...

150,000 tourists went to Iraq? When?

Anonymous said...

No anonymous, it does not bother us.

Anonymous said...

your hypocricy is deep

Iraqi Mojo said...

How am I a hypocrite?

The "muslimeen" who sparked civil war in Iraq are actually mujrimeen and they should be sent back to Allah.