Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saddam withheld medicine from Iraqi kids

I wasn't surprised to read this plea by westerners who believe that Tariq Aziz should not be executed.

However this part of the article did surprise me:

"During our conversation in 1999, we appealed to him [Aziz] for an end to the suffering which Saddam's regime brought to many people in Iraq. In particular we drew Mr Aziz's attention to the suffering of children in hospitals where medical equipment and medication were being withheld. We understood this equipment was in warehouses, not being released."

Saddam's regime withheld medical equipment and medication from Iraqi children? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But I am! How evil does a human have to be to withhold medicine from dying children?


Dolly said...

That is the difference between a real democracy and Iraq. People from places like Europe condemn barbaric execution methods like hanging. Meanwhile your dad's buddy Muaffaq Rubei3e records hangings with his cell phone.

David All said...

So much for the charges by Saddam's friends in the West that it was the international sanctions against Saddam's regime of blood that were killing Iraqi children. No doubt withholding needed medicine from Iraqi children and then blaming their deaths on the sanctions was part of Saddam's scheme to discredit the sanctions and to get them lifted.

Maury said...

Eye-Raki has a new article up on life under Sadman Insane.

"During the last year of Saddam’s disastrous rule, he allocated just US$16m for the Ministry of Health to spend for the year, amounting to around 60 cents per Iraqi, meanwhile, in the last decade of his rule (a decade in which Iraq was heavily sanctioned), Saddam spent an estimated US$2.2b on constructing palaces for himself and the coterie of despots he surrounded himself with."

Iraqi Mojo said...

'There was mayhem at the gallows, and there was justice at the gallows. Saddam Hussein had divided Iraqis and Arabs-and others-while he lived, and he was to do so again on the day of his execution. In the best of worlds, Saddam's executioners would have been "clinical" about the thing and subdued, and they would have given the event the dignity it deserved. But this was a despot who had cut a swath of terror through the land, and the prime minister who had come to power from the Shiite underground was determined to bring the matter of Saddam Hussein to a fitting end. It wasn't pretty, that spectacle of execution, and there should have been no cellphone video recording of the deed, but the truth at the heart of what played out in Saddam's old military intelligence headquarters was plain and simple justice and retribution. Men are not angels, and the dictator reaped what he had sown.'

Bruno said...

I note that the current regime and the Americans wanted to remove the food ration. How depraved must you be to starve people to death?