Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Muslims attacked us on 9/11"

Before I forget I want to write a post about Bill O'Reilly's statement on "The View" (a show I'd never heard of until last week) about why there should not be a mosque near ground zero: because "Muslims attacked us on 9/11." I don't really care if there's a mosque near ground zero, and if New Yorkers don't want a mosque there then I don't think a mosque should be built there. But to say that "Muslims attacked us on 9/11" without elaborating, as if to lump all Muslims with Al Qaeda, is to be simple-minded and maybe even stupid. It's like saying "Christians killed Jews in WWII" or "Christians killed Native Americans." Or how about "Buddhists killed Americans at Pearl Harbor"? It's a true statement, but sounds ridiculous by itself.

I happened to be on Yahoo! when I saw that article, which was the most emailed article on Yahoo! on Thursday. Bill O'Reilly's comment didn't bother me as much as some of the comments for that Yahoo! article. Many comments claiming that Muslims all over the world celebrated 9/11 and that all Muslims want to convert American Christians to Islam. It's downright silly.


Dolly said...

He means to say → since it was a muslim attack, then replacing the WTC with a masjid is inappropriate.

I kinda get his point, although he is definitely a bigot. O'Reilly once said that working with moderates is important because: "because we can't kill all the muslims."

Don Cox said...

"all Muslims want to convert American Christians to Islam."

I think Muslims in general would wish that everyone in the world was Muslim, and Christians would like everyone to be Christian. Both religions are heavily into converting people.