Friday, October 01, 2010

Iraq breaks a record

"Iraq on Friday will surpass the previous record for the country that has gone the longest between holding a parliamentary election and forming a government, experts say.

The Netherlands had held that unfortunate honor after a series of failed attempts left the country without an elected government for 207 days in 1977, according to Christopher J. Anderson, director of the Institute for European Studies at Cornell University.

Iraqis have now spent 208 days with no new government and, while the Dutch weathered their storm, Iraq's weak institutions may not hold up against mounting pressure and a steady level of violence."


C.H. said...

Or maybe the resilience of the Iraqi people WILL hold up against attempts by their enemies and incompetent politicians to bring them down. Iraq surived its darkest days in 2006-and 2007, when all the major media outlets had written it off as a lost cause.

At the same time, the Washington Post may prove unable to "weather the storm" as bias print media becomes more irrlevant than ever and its readership continues to vanish.

We will have to wait and see...hopefully both of these potential outcomes will come true.

Maury said...

Wasn't Maliki nominated by Parliament today? The news has Sadr throwing his support that way. I blame the delays on Muqwaq himself. The government would have been formed long ago had he supported either Maliki or Allawi to begin with. The Kurds will go with whoever has the votes.

David All said...

Yes, it is true that Iraq has survived worse than the last six months since the election and will hopefully soon have a new government. At least in Iraq, a person can criticize the people in power without risk of being thrown in prison or disappearing altogether as happen to a female blogger in Syria some 10 months ago. One story says that she has died in prison, another that she is still alive, though still in prison. Read "Tal El-Melouhy, a Syrian blogger, dies in jail" at

Dolly said...

2006 was not a golden era at all, the reason for high body counts at that time was Shia animals executing random Sunnis.

Those are C.H.'s friends -- "human rights activists" from Shia death squads

Dolly said...

Isn't it time you stopped falsely portraying Iraqi collaborators as victims, if they are holding tens of thousands of people in torture gulags? I mean, isn't that a telltale sign that they are not victims?

Like, if someone told you: "Can you assist a young girl I know? She is a victim."

- Oh. Sure, gladly. What are the specifics?

"Well, she keeps 30,000 people in secret torture prisons."

Maury said...

Takfiri's belong in tortur prisons Dolly. Better yet, let the general public line up to take a piss on them. Even better, set them on fire and see if anyone will piss on them to put it out.

Don Cox said...

Nobody, however evil they may be, should be tortured. If the current Iraqi government is complicit in torture, they are wrong and should be called on it.

Maury said...

I agree Don. We shouldn't torture humans, animals, or insects. I wouldn't pull the wings off a fly.

But, takfiri's don't fall into those categories. Takfiri's are pus-filled demons. It's our duty to torture them.

Bruno said...

[david] "At least in Iraq, a person can criticize the people in power without risk of being thrown in prison or disappearing altogether"


Bruno said...

At least in Auschwitz, people were free to express themselves without being thrown in jail or disappearing forever.


Aton said...

Prisoners at Auschwitz were free to express themselves?

Wow, that must be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

Aton said...

LOL, Bruno so lost he thinks his moronic sense of irony is brilliant while neglecting to even see the utter stupidly of his own words. It is amazing that this douche bag can actually teach himself to be an idiot. What a world.

Bruno said...

Aton is yet to learn the meaning of 'sarcasm' and 'irony'.

Soon, however, he will have completed the reading of "My Pet Goat".

Dolly said...

Maury said:
"It's our duty to torture them."

See, this is what I was talking about when I said that Americans support torture for fun, and not for intelligence.

And this is more evidence that their campaign is far removed from democracy and open society. He came out completely in favor of torture.