Sunday, October 31, 2010

Latest Al Qaeda plot seen by Al Jazeera viewers as "politically motivated and contrived"

From the Palestinian Pundit:

'This new [Al Jazeera] poll asks:

Do you think that the suspect packages case is a real threat to the West or a contrived and politically motivated story?

With over 1,000 responding so far, 91% said that it is a politically motivated and contrived story.'


Maury said...

It was a real threat, but Obama wouldn't have gone live with all the jive if it weren't election time. Joe Sixpack can't do a damned thing about Somali cargo shipments. That was pretty lame.

Mister Ghost said...

I have to agree with Maury.
It was a threat but Obama was engaging in "Wag the Terrorists".

He was giving a shout out to the Jewish voters at election time to stick with the Democratic Party by saying, "Look, you may think I'm your everyday Israel hating Muslim, but I protected you, I protected you."

And he was likely worried his favorite Gay Chicago bathhouses would be destroyed in a blast. )))
Not that there's anything wrong with our President being bisexual. )))