Thursday, March 12, 2009

3 years in jail for throwing shoes at cowboy head of state

Muntathar al Zaidi has been sentenced by an Iraqi judge to three years in jail for throwing his shoes at President Bush. Yes Bush overthrew a murderous dictator, and many Iraqis are grateful for that (shoulda done it in 1991 - I would throw a shoe at Bush Sr.) but Bush's team also bombed Iraq in order to liberate it, causing collateral damage that will stay with some Iraqis for the rest of their lives. Bush's team allowed security contractors to kill innocent Iraqis with impunity. Yes some of those criminals have been indicted by US prosecutors, as they should be, but I doubt that the case would have even been investigated if the media had not raised such a fuss about it. Many Iraqis have a right to be angry with George Bush.

Zaidi did not harm Bush, and yet he received a sentence that is six times longer than the sentence given to the Jordanian man who murdered his sister and her lover. Some US soldiers have gotten away with murder, yet an Iraqi who throws his shoes at the cowboy in charge gets three years. What kind of justice is that?

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