Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reconciliation haram

Hiba Mohammed, an eight-year old Iraqi girl, is treated after today's suicide bomb attack. Photograph: Adil al-Khazali/AP

Baghdad suicide bomber kills 33
"Attack on Sunni and Shia tribal leaders at reconciliation meeting"

The salafi jarab have convinced themselves (but were more likely convinced by others first) that reconciliation is haram, and killing people who engage in such haram will be rewarded in heaven. It happens so often in Iraq, yet I am still boggled and I'm left wondering how humans can do such things.

Two journalists working for Baghdadiya, employer of Muntather al Zaidi, died in the attack. I wonder if Muntathar would blame the murders on George Bush.

PS: Read this article that says hardcore Baathists and jihadi militants are partners.

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