Sunday, March 15, 2009

Which Countries Fund UNICEF?

I received the map below from UNICEF a few weeks ago, and tonight I finally figured out a way to scan and transfer files from my HP scanner to my new Mac. The Mac is different in many ways from Windows and previously owned computers; overall it is much nicer than my other laptops! It is the best computer I've ever owned. Yes I love my new Mac. But I need to learn more, like how to scan without downloading the HP scanner driver, if that's possible. I had to use my camera's memory card this time.

Anyway this post is about UNICEF and the countries that fund UNICEF. What is wrong with this map, with this picture? Click on it to enlarge and read the legend in the lower left corner. Notice the only three* countries where UNICEF receives contributions and where UNICEF actively operates. Turkey is the only middle eastern country where UNICEF operates and receives funds at the same time. Why aren't more countries in the middle east (especially the oil rich nations) contributing to UNICEF?

*First I said two countries; about 30 minutes later I looked closely and noticed that Latvia *and* Lithuania contribute to UNICEF.

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