Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pakistan: Takfiri Central?

Yesterday's attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team reminded me of the murderous attacks on soccer players and fans in Iraq. They've even killed Iraqi kids playing soccer.

Has Pakistan become the center of Takfiri terror? Or has it always been?

Myra MacDonald of Reuters asks "Has Pakistan become the central front?" The Guardian asks "Is Pakistan in a state of war?"

Myra MacDonald: 'In a report released late last month, the U.S. Atlantic Council think tank warned that the ramifications of state failure in Pakistan would be far graver than those in Afghanistan, with regional and global impact. “With nuclear weapons and a huge army, a population over five times that of Afghanistan and with an influential diaspora, Pakistan now seems less able, without outside help, to muddle through its challenges than at any time since its war with India in 1971.” '

As extremists escalate attacks in Pakistan, the takfiri continue their murderous mayhem in Iraq. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to call the attackers "takfiri" in this case, or in any attack in which the majority of the victims are Sunni. This is closer to takfiri.

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