Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Americans don't like portrayal of Muslims as peaceful

Last night on GAWKER: "On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart took a look at the controversy surrounding TLC's new show, All American Muslim, and the Tampa-based group that hates it. Because the Muslims depicted in the show aren't shown to be terrorists bent on destroying America, the Florida Family Association can't abide it. Like most zealots, all they want is their stereotypes reinforced. Is it too much to ask for Bravo to whip up a season of the The Real Martyrs of Jalalabad? Sheesh."

I love the writer(s) at GAWKER. And of course Jon Stewart is awesome as usual:


Maury said...

It is rather curious that the show portrays 5 liberal Shia families as the norm. We should probably expect a copycat version that follows 5 Wahabbi families around by next season. These reality shows always come in two's.

Iraqi Mojo said...

This reality TV show about 5 Shia families in America is not the norm. Most American Muslim women I know do not cover their hair!