Saturday, December 10, 2011

Embarrassing to see Shia defending al Assad

It is embarrassing to see Shia defending Bashar al Assad's regime. Hasan Nasrallah defended the dictator. Iran of course is defending him. Even one of my own relatives says the footage out of Syria is fake. Fake!?? Watch Barbara Walters' interview with Bashar al Assad and tell me the video is fake, 3ammu.

We Shia should be supporting democracy in Syria, even if many Syrians did not support democracy in Iraq.


jnana said...

Yes, it really is embarrassing! We are meant to be supporting the oppressed no matter where our own interests lie.

Anonymous said...

the ugly face of sectarianism

Anonymous said...

when you see how much ksa is supporting the revolution in syria you would know how fake the revolution is ..... my cousin was in syria last month on a vacation. there is no revolution in the capital, its just in the western part neer anbar(in iraq)

C.H. said...


Homs, Hama, and Deraa are not near the Anbar Province of Iraq. Neither is Idlib.

Gilgamesh X / exile - iraqi said...

we should support the oppressed ones, either in Syria or Bahrein

John Doyle Sr. said...

President Bashir Al-Assad is a (Alawite)Shi'a Ba'athist!There were a lot of Shi'a Muslims in the Iraqi branch of the Ba'ath party!The foreign minister Tariq Aziz is a Christian;Vice President Taha Yassim al-Ramadan was a Kurd!The prime minister was a Shi'a Saadon Hamoundi,so you see compared to the Safawi who rule the green zone regime!The hajj,martyr,mujahid President Saddam Hussein he wasn't sectarian at all!This is why Syria with its(80%)Sunni Muslim majority support a Shi'a leader because the Ba'ath don't diffrentiate between the sects as long as your pan-Arab,loyal,patriotic your alright to them!!!Hail al sharifa al maqawama!

Iraqi Mojo said...

John the Saddamist, the Syrian dictator's first name is Bashar. Did you get Bashir from CNN?

Some other corrections:

It was Sa3dun Hammadi, not 'Saadon Hamoundi':

"Sa'dun Hammadi (June 22, 1930 - March 14, 2007) (Arabic: سعدون حمادي‎) was briefly Prime Minister of Iraq under President Saddam Hussein from March until September 1991. He succeeded Hussein, who had previously been prime minister in addition to being president, but was forced out due to his reformist views."

So Saddam made a Shia a Prime Minister during the Shia uprising, to appease the Shia no doubt, at a time when it appeared Saddam would lose control of Iraq to the Shia.

It should not surprise anybody that John the Baathist would pretend that Saddam had a Shia PM during the entire 24 years of his tyrannical rule. I guess we should praise Saddam for not killing Hammadi for his reformist views.

Anonymous said...

john just shot it you ba3thi

Dolly said...
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Dolly said...

This proves my long-standing point that the government of Iraq is no good. They have now taken the side of the Alawi tyrants in Damascus.

Those countries which have TRULY been liberated like Libya, have already recognized Syrian rebels as the new government of Syria.

The occupation of Iraq is leaving in 2 weeks which is a neat opportunity to put an end to the Awakening and the Shias.

Alawite Islamist said...

Assalam alaykum.

I am a White man, a US citizen who converted to Alawite Islam, an offshoot of Shia Islam, upon marrying an Arab Muslimah who practises the Alawite faith.

I must congradulate Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki for bravely defending our Muslim brother Bashar al Assad who is fighting the Kaafirs who have revolted against Islamic rule. Yes, the Sunni "Muslims" are not real Muslims but kaafir since they follow three kaafir Abu Bakar, Umar al Khattab and Usman.

Though I am a U.S. citizen, I am ashamed to be an American as America is the Great Shaitaan that persecutes the Islamic Ummah. For example, our country has imposed unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.