Monday, December 26, 2011

Israel might commemorate Armenian genocide

"The Israeli parliament on Monday held its first public debate on whether to commemorate the Turkish genocide of Armenians a century ago, an emotionally resonant and politically fraught topic for Israel, founded on the ashes of the Holocaust and trying to salvage frayed ties with Turkey.

The session resulted from a rare confluence of political forces — a decades-long effort by some on the left to get Israel to take a leading role in bringing attention to mass murder combined with those on the right angry at the way Turkey has criticized Israel over its policies toward the Palestinians."


idit said...

Long overdue. Better late than never.

idit said...

Other countries should follow, also Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Isra-hell is committing genocide

Anonymous said...

Syria's bleeding while Turkey,France & Israel play school yard games :"Your mamma wore army boots!""OH Yea ! Your mamma..."
Some adult supervision is needed .

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Bush the Liberator

Would you feel bitter if your land was stolen from you, you were kicked out of your home, your livelihood destroyed, your people murdered, and your future being destroyed before your very eyes?

Enough said

David All said...

Interesting, thanks for posting this Mojo.

Anonymous said...

So mojo, should we also commemorate the genocide of the Natives?

I think EVERY country in the world should make it a crime to deny the genocide of the natives.

How come the genocide of Natives is not being talked about? Could it be because this is all political hogwash and nothing to do with caring for people?

Iraqi Mojo said...

Yes we should commemorate the genocide of the natives.

Iraq should commemorate the mass murder of Shia too.

You see, each country can commemorate whatever genocide they want. If the Israeli parliament decides to set aside a day to commemorate the Turkish genocide of Armenians, it does not mean that Canadians should do the same thing.

Anonymous said...


If you cannot see that this was a political decision then I dont know what I can do to make u see that. I already explained to you that Israel doesnt care to commemorate other genocides of equal importance, yet u respond by saying "oh well, to each their own". Its a political decision meant to present Turkey as evil. Think about the timing of the deceleration. Think about why they dont seem to care about the massacre of a million Algerians.

Anonymous said...


P.S, Its obvious that you have a hand in the CIA. Just so you know, you are not fooling anyone.