Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The courageous Iraqis who stayed

A very nice photo essay about the Iraqis who stayed in Iraq despite the violence: 'Russia Abrahim, 26, lost her father and two brothers to sectarian violence. She insists on staying in Iraq to teach geography.

“Most times when you talk to someone who has been through that, they are bitter and would love to leave the country,” Ms. Bruce said. “She wants to stay and teach geography. She thinks the more people know about others in the world and are more educated, the less likely something like that would happen in the future. She actually has a reason for staying.”

Ms. Bruce said her portrait series grew from long discussions she had with Yasir Ghazi and Duraid Adnan, reporters for The Times in Baghdad, who also helped her to find subjects who were staying in Iraq. Sometimes Mr. Ghazi or Mr. Adnan would excitedly tell her about someone they discovered.'

Thanks Marsha for sharing!

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