Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Racism in America


Maury said...

Oberman is obnoxious and ALWAYS over the top. Did Buchanan say coonskin or coon skin? It appears to be the former. The distinction is important. Godspeed or Gods peed?

Johnson used the same phrase in refernce to the Vietnam war. As a matter of fact, it's a phrase well worn by politicians over the years. And it has nothing to do with race. Here's the comment by President Johnson.

Johnson, meanwhile, had come to the conclusion that with the military force the United States had in Vietnam the Americans were not going to be able, as he put it, "to nail the coonskin to the wall."

Maury said...

Synonyms within Context: coonskin

Success- Nail a coonskin to the wall, chain victory to one's car, gain a victory, gain an advantage, be triumphant, obtain a victory, triumph.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Thanks for the definition of 'coonskin' Maury. I did not know that.

Maury said...

Someone your age wouldn't know Muhanned. Someone Oberman or Buchanans age should. Maybe it's a southern thing. We still hunt the pesky critters. Anyone who has hunted racoons can tell you it ain't over till you've skinned it. A racoon will use every trick in the book, including playing possum. I went to pick a dead one up once, and he nearly took my hand off.

The tar baby thing did sound racist. I had forgotton that one. Still, we don't know that was his intent. If he was winging his thoughts, and searching for something that "sticks to you" like he referenced, it's entirely possible race had nothing to do with it. Sometimes you have to know someone personally to know if they mean a comment a certain way. Even someone without a racist bone in their body can say something stupid now and then.

Howard Cosell is a perfect example. I don't think he KNEW how to be racist. The reference to a black player that included the word "monkey" ended his career. Never mind that he'd used the same phrase in reference to a white player a decade before, or that he was known to refer to his own grandkids the same way. The media skewrered him. There are enough real racists out there to contend with. The last thing we should do is put that label on people who aren't.

madtom said...

Don't you think the S&P is being racist downgrading O? We should have the SEC look into it.