Monday, August 29, 2011

Elderly man turns suicide bomber at Baghdad mosque

An elderly man?

"An elderly man swathed in bandages blew himself up in Baghdad's biggest Sunni mosque killing up to 29 people in a suicide attack blamed on al Qaeda.

The blast killed a member of Iraq's parliament and wounded 38 when it tore through a crowd of about 200 worshippers at the Um al-Qura mosque."


C.H. said...

I repeat comment #1 that was posted in the previous thread...

Dolly said...

That is because you are a jew and you seek Israel's expansion towards the Indus river

C.H. said...

So only people who want Israel to expand hate seeing Iraqi civilians murdered by suicide bombers?

David All said...

Guess after using women, including one who was mentally handicapped, and teenagers to carry our suicide bomb attacks, the next step, by the preverted logic of these monsters, was that of using an elderly man. What's next, hiding a bomb beneath a baby in a baby stroller?

Dolly said...

Dear Stupid Ass, it was later revealed that the Handicapped Bomber story in Iraq was a deliberate lie by the American occupier + Shia traitors, and they admitted it.

But you prove to be a bigger idiot than them, by believing the story and repeating it religiously, YEARS after it was admitted to have been a psy-op by the forces of evil (USA & Shiites).

Dumbass !!!

Dolly said...

What an ultimate fucktard, to believe something that was identified as a lie directly to his face

Dolly said...

In his youth, David All attended classes for children who had trouble learning.

Later on, he became the biggest loser on Blogger

C.H. said...

The 2008 bombers that killed 100 people shopping in the markets may not have been handicapped? Seriously? This changes everything...before Dolly posted that bit I was drafting a comment about how the attack was planned by sick freaks who hate the Iraqi people.

Don't worry though, I deleted it.

Dolly said...

Well, you see, the American-Shia alliance in Iraq is characterized by a great degree of evil. So they will concoct evil plans and lies together.
Their idea is to tyrannize the people, and keep them in prisons, and meanwhile to falsely present themselves as someone fighting the good fight.

The world is sleeping and hardly anyone cares about the situation in Eyeraq.
Thus, we take it upon ourselves to purify the land by striking back against these forces of evil.
Because someone has to be the superhero and thwart the evil designs of the Rednecks and the Shia.

Two piccies of the freedom fighters in Iraq

C.H. said...


If you believe that comment I wrote was legitimate it is *you* who is the dumbest person on this blog.

Dolly said...

So now we need to wait a few months for the U.S. to flee from the current level of 48.000 troops to maybe 3.000 by 1/2012

Then carry forward with shaking the pillars of the state

These lame tribesmen in Iraq can't even draw a flag for themselves and still using the Temporary one.
So I see them incompetent to hold the country together without foreign boots

If I were Kurdish I would start packing now