Friday, August 12, 2011

Corporations have too much influence in America

In light of Mitt Romney's claim that corporations are people, I am posting the short excellent video below. Thanks to a 2010 decision by five (douchebag) Supreme Court judges, corporations are now allowed to spend as much as they like to influence an election. Even before this bad decision, corporations had too much influence in America. It's time to put corporations back in their place.


Anand said...

Mojo, Romney is 100% right. Corporations are "people." They are conduits for collective action by people. It makes zero sense to blame things on "corporations"

Rather blame groups and collections of people you disagree with.

Iraqi Mojo said...

A corporation is composed of people. A corporation is not a person and should not have the same rights as a person.

It does make sense to blame "things" on corporations when corporations are influencing democracy in negative ways. Isn't that what the Koch corporation is doing with respect to the climate change debate? We should allow these corporations to influence our democracy in this way?

Iraqi Mojo said...

Check out Noam Chomsky in the documentary The Corporation

Iraqi Mojo said...

The Corporation a "legal person"

madtom said...

Mojo, how do we know your not a corporation?

Are Unions people?