Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sadrist Bloc Threatens Withdrawal From Gov

Sadrist Bloc Threatens Withdrawal From Gov

The Sadrist bloc is threatening to pull out of the ruling Shi'ite Alliance, condemning Prime Minister Maliki's recent statements on Coalition troops staying in Iraq, and criticizing the ineffectiveness of the Baghdad security plan.

Maliki recently said on his trip to Japan that he would not support a timetable for withdrawal of US troops because they will provide critical assistance until the Iraqi security forces are prepard to stand on their own.

The statement from the Sadrists accused Maliki of "ignoring the will of the people," and said, “We reject these statements which coincide with the failure of security performance through not implementing the security plan in all parts of Baghdad."

“We discussed withdrawing from the Iraqi government, which will not be able to fulfill citizens’ demands in the security and services fields,” adding that they are "serious" in their consideration of withdrawing support.

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