Sunday, April 01, 2007

Iraqis Tiring of Arab Nationalists

The more I talk to Iraqis about this war, the more I see evidence that they are getting sick and tired of hearing Arabs defending Saddam Hussein or condemning Iraqis who work with Americans. Apparently the hardcore Arab Nationalists believe that all Iraqis should fight the US and the new Iraqi government, and that those Iraqis who work for them deserve to be killed.

Today my uncle referred to the 'Arab Jarab' (jarab means 'scab'), which reminded me of a recent post by Baghdad Treasure, in which he laments the treatment of Iraqis by Arab countries like Jordan and Syria. Konfused Kid has also reported that undercover Jordanian security forces have been questioning Iraqis to find out if they are staying in Jordan longer than their visas allow.

Iraq Pundit's latest post also has some incisive and poignant words for the Arab Nationalists who miss Saddam:

'Anyway, if these enlightened Arab strategists were really so concerned about the "direct threat to stability" posed by a chaotic Iraq, maybe they would have been smart to help the Iraqis stabilize their country. Instead, Iraq's brotherly Arab neighbors (read: Syria) have facilitated the entry of murderous suicide bombers to blow up men, women, and children.

Not that these Arab Nationalist types have ever given a damn about Iraqis. In the past, when Iraqis would point out the unmitigated butchery and tyranny of the Baathist regime, Arab Nationalists used to tell us to stop whining. Today, when Iraqi mothers and children are being blown to pieces by other Arabs, one hears not a peep from the great Arab "street" that runs through places like Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.'

We should commend Syria and Jordan for accepting so many Iraqi refugees, and I know personally many Iraqis who are working in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. However, I am always surprised when I read a comment by an Arab who refers to Iraqis who work for the current Iraqi government or the US as traitors. Do they not know that the United States Central Command is in Doha, Qatar? Why are Qatari security personnel not mass murdered like Iraqi security personnel have been? I am also surprised when Arabs conflate the occupation of Palestine with the occupation of Iraq. The occupation of Iraq is very different from the occupation of Palestine.

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