Thursday, April 19, 2007

Majority of Americans Support Withdrawal

Majority of Americans Support Withdrawal
Fox and CNN Polls Both Depict Deep Pessimism on Prospects for "Success" in Iraq

Sixty percent of Americans interviewed for a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp poll would side with Congressional Democrats in the current Iraq debate over funding and timetables, with 35% reporting that they would like to see an immediate withdrawal of American troops and another 26% calling for pullout by March 2008.

A recent Fox News poll had similar results, with 54% approving of Congress's effort to set a date for pullout, and 61% disagreeing that withdrawal could be equated with surrender.

It should be no surprise that a majority looks forward to withdrawal, since 69% think the war is going "badly" and 63% believe no one is winning, according to the CNN poll.

A slight majority in the CNN poll did not believe that sending 20,000 additional troops would make a difference in the security situation, and 45% in the Fox poll reported that Bush's surge had not had any impact, though 40% saw some kind of improvement and 4% thought it had gotten worse.

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