Monday, April 02, 2007

Message to Bill Maher

I sent this to Bill Maher over the weekend:

Hi Bill,

I love your show, but I hate it when you defend Saddam Hussein, as if he was good for Iraq. Two of my cousins and my father's best friend (an educated Sunni Arab) were executed by Saddam's regime. Hundreds of thousands of educated Iraqis either fled or were killed by Saddam's regime. And since 2003, hardcore supporters of Saddam continue to mass murder Iraqis in order to prove that life was indeed better for Iraqis before 2003. I have heard other people argue that Iraq NEEDS a tyrant, a strongman to rule. If that is the case, how did Iraq survive and prosper before 1980?

Furthermore, you have discussed on your show many important issues, but you have never touched Israel's shitty treatment of Palestinians for the last 60 years. Do you not know that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is at the root of Muslim anger towards the United States? When will you step up and discuss this very important issue?

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