Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sadr considers US embassy staff in Baghdad as "occupiers"

'In response to a question from one of his followers, Sadr now says that after the expiration of the SOFA, the staff of the embassy should be considered “occupiers” and must be “resisted”. '

On one hand I see Muqtada al Sadr as an ungrateful fundamentalist majnoon. His opposition to the US does not make sense, given that the US overthrew the dictator who murdered his father and his two oldest brothers in 1999.

On the other hand I can understand why Muqtada al Sadr and his followers would distrust the US, given that the US could have overthrown the dictator in 1991 after bombing Iraq for 40 consecutive days and marching to the outskirts of Baghdad. By the 29th day of the 1991 bombing, the "Allied air campaign passes 40,000-sortie mark - 10,000 more missions than were flown against Japan in final 14 months of World War II."

Based on comments by Americans for posts about 1991, some Americans seem to think the Iraqis should not be angry or bitter about what the US should have done differently in 1991. Some think Iraqis should blame the Saudis, who were afraid of Iran taking over. So did the US allow Saddam to fly his helicopters because the Saudis did not want to see the Shia take over Iraq? Did KSA & USA have common interests? Or was KSA in charge? Is America KSA's bitch? It seems that way, especially when you consider that KSA was not punished for 9/11. The friendship seemed to flourish, actually.

For Americans and Saudis, 1991 turned out to be a good year. They got it all: a short war with relatively little casualties, KSA paid for the war and Sunni Arab domination of Iraq continued. Few Americans and Arabs were interested in helping Iraqis overthrow the Saddam.

Despite the bad things that happened and the mistakes, I would say the average Iraqi does not agree with Muqtada al Sadr and would like to see normal relations with the US. Iraq needs international assistance to develop into a prosperous nation.


jnana said...

That's ridiculous. We're not seeing great examples of what happens when you don't co-operate with the US. No, we don't want to become friends with the US like the feet-kissing Arabs. But we do want to maintain diplomatic relations with all countries, especially if we have common goals, for the sake of the safety of our country and its people, which is more important than bitter feelings of the past.

Wayne said...

Of course Muqtata al Sadr doesn't like Americans. His own people forced him to move out to Iran for a few years, because that country is one he loves, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I will sum up what mojo has just said:

"Hee-haw, hee-haw,hee-ha!"

What kind of Iraqi with even an ounce of patriotism wants to see his country as Americas bitch?
Yes they are an occupying power, and Iraq is not sovereign.

If you ever said this stuff in Iraq you would probably be lynched. Continue to believe what you believe from the comfort of your home in America. You are insignificant.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Continue to believe what you believe from the comfort of your home in America."

So said the Falas6eezi in Canada. LOL

Iraqi Mojo said...

So I would be lynched for expressing my opinion about the US embassy in Baghdad? I would be lynched for saying Iraq should maintain diplomatic ties with the US? Really??

I don't doubt there are 3arab jarab in Iraq who would lynch me just for saying Boulder is more beautiful than Baghdad, or for saying Iraq should maintain diplomatic ties with the US, right before they drive off in their American-made cars. I wouldn't put it past the Mujrimeen & Munafiqeen.

But the majority of Iraqis are not violent, ya Canadian Falas6eezi. The majority of Iraqi people just want to live normal lives and want to have a normal country.

Anonymous said...

Palestine is the most beloved nation to Arabs and Muslims, and Palestinians are the most beloved people. The palestinian struggle is very important to all Arabs and muslims. We have a history of resistance to occupation, we are admired in the Arab and Muslim world for our perseverance. Its very shameful of you to resort to name calling and calling me "falasteezi". If I was by you, I would wash your mouth with soap.

Walak if I ever come near you, Muhannad, I will adbak. Do you know what that means? Go ask your Arab friends what Adab means if you dont know.

Furthermore, you have been defending the occupiers of Iraq. I say the Arabs who dont want Iraq to be Americas Bitch are way more patriotic than a treasonous person like you. I dare you to even try to defend Americas occupation of Iraq in Iraq or any Arab country, you will most likely get lynched.

Maury said...

"Palestine is the most beloved nation to Arabs and Muslims, and Palestinians are the most beloved people"

That would explain the Palestinian ghettos scattered across Arabia.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Is adab like pretending to be nice to Arab people? Be polite. I do not pretend to be polite when it comes to the mujrimeen and munafiqeen.

Speaking of munafiqeen, Canadian Falastini, how to you feel about the Assad goons who attacked the US embassy in Damascus? Why aren't the Sunni Arabs attacking that embassy? Why are you such a munfiq ya Falastini?

Iraqi Mojo said...

How did you fight occupation in Palestine? Your resistance bombed cafes and buses. They killed a bunch of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. They hijacked planes. Where did all that criminality get you? Israel took 80% of your country and they continue to take more.

In order to fight 'occupation' and true oppression, you must use your brain and be creative in a peaceful way, not use threats and violence, Falastini.

Dolly said...

Nouri Maliki says he's against change in Syria. It's amazing how evil this Maliki character is. Luckily his protectors will be gone in December.

Gilgamesh X / exile - iraqi said...

Round 1

Jarabs vs. Iraqis

Anonymous said...

Sir, I am an Asian and I enjoy reading your blog, thank you for your posts. I just want to respond to you about the first Gulf War. I know some American who fought that war. A commander told me that he lost 2 guys in his team, and he said that they were actually very scared. He said that US won that war only because Iraqi soldiers didn't want to defend their new territory in Kuwait. When I asked why the American didn't go further, he said that they simply didn't have enough food/ammo/whatever to go into Iraq.
God bless Iraq!