Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Republican strategy for 2012


madtom said...

Evil republican, they got all them jobs in their pockets and the wont share with anyone...Yet we're spending 25% of GDP. I'm not sure what it is them republicans are hiding.
Maybe it's 50% we should be spending, or 100%?

Iraqi Mojo said...

'In a twist on his campaign slogan, President Obama suggested Tuesday that Republicans are adopting a “No we can’t" approach to the nation’s jobs crisis by heeding the tea party and opposing necessary steps to boost the economy for no other purpose than to deal him a political setback.

...“Remind them of what’s at stake here,’’ he said. “Remind them that ‘No we can’t’ is no way to face tough times. When the Great Depression hit, we didn’t say, ‘No we can’t. When World War II came, we didn’t say, ‘No we can’t.’ " '

Maury said...

Why a jobs bill now? We've had three years of 9% plus unemployment. Oh yeah, it's election time.....LOL.