Monday, October 10, 2011

Egyptian police kill 25 Egyptian Christian protesters

No surprise that the Mujrimeen, I mean Muslimeen, would kill Christians, but is this the new Egypt?

"At least 25 people were killed in Cairo when government troops crushed a demonstration of Coptic Christians over an attack on a church. It was the worst violence Egypt has seen since the fall of Hosni Mubarak.

The protest was aimed at Egypt's new military leaders, blaming them for failing to protect the Christian community from attacks by radical Islamists, such as the partial demolishing of a church in Aswan province last week."


Maury said...

Christians living in the Middle East makes about as much sense as Jews trying to carve out a state of their own. Square pegs in a round hole.

When people have to demonstrate in order to have a place to worship or fight for the right to walk around scarfless, it might be time to move westward.

Iraqi Mojo said...

But the Middle East is where Christianity began. Christians and Jews should be able to live in the Middle East without being threatened. Until WWII, Jews and Christians lived all over the Middle East without problems, except in Saudi Arabia. It is only in the modern era that fundamentalist Muslims have decided that Christians are infidels. The fundamentalist Muslims are evidently not even reading their own Qur'an, which instructs Muslims to respect Jews and Christians, the "People of the Book".

It is very sad to see what the modern Middle East has become, what the Mujrimeen have turned Islam into. Between the years 800 and 1200 Islam was associated with progress and science. Today it is associated with intolerance and backwardness. How sad and embarrassing for ordinary Muslims!

Dolly said...

My understanding is that the Copts provoked the incident, by rioting.

As for their churches, they should stop banging the bells.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Rioting huh? That's what the Mujrimeen always say.

Maury said...

Is Iran trying to start a war with the US? The man arrested in the plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador was working with 4 senior officers of the Quds Force. The plan was to bomb a restaurant in DC to kill the ambassador, and target the US and Israeli Embassies for good measure.

The contract hit with the Zeta drug cartel was negotiated at $1.5 million. "Tons of opium" were also available. Have the Quds puds joined Al Qaida and the Taliban as narco-terrorists? I find it interesting that they have tons of opium on hand, and that they reached out to other narco-terrorists to carry out this plot.

These muthafuckers are out of their freaking minds. If this plot had gone through, it would have had the same outcome as 9/11. No President can take a hit like that without striking back.....and hard.

David All said...

First the Jews were persecuted and driven out of Arab countries, now apparently it is the turn of the Christians.
Sometimes it is hard to remember that both Judaism and Chrisitanity originated and grew in the Middle East.

Yes, once the Arab world was the most enlighten and scientific place in the world, especially Baghdad. Remember our modern numbers, they are called Arabic numerals for it was Arabic mathmaticians that invented them including the number zero. Algebra as well was an Arab invention. (So you see it was perhaps not a coincendence that Steve Jobs' father was an Arab-American!)

The destruction of Baghdad by the Mongols in the 13th Century tragically destroyed the intellectual and scientific enlightenment of the Arabic world.

Anonymous said...

Im a muslim, there's about 1.5 billion of us. Please don't equate Muslimeen with Mujrimeen.


Iraqi Mojo said...

Yes it must be said that most Muslimeen are not Mujrimeen, even in conservative Muslim societies like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

ArtVanDeLay said...

Surely most Muslimeens are not Mujrimeen in actions at least.But it reflects poorly on Muslims that the most vocal elements of their society are the Mujrimeen.And guess what?They could NEVER become that powerful without implicit approval without the mainstream Muslims who themselves would never openly condone or commit such acts.
When some Christian nut shoots up some innocent non Christians-say Muslims, all leaders of Christian denominations would condemn this heinous act.Ditto for Hindus,Buddhists.
But when a Muslim becomes a suicide bomber to kill infidels-you get mostly silence coupled with some justifications and in the rare instance you get an apology ,it is followed by a but or however.

for eg

The Sept 11 attacks were wrong but the Palestinians suffer...US foreign policy is cruel

Suicide bombings in a Tel Aviv pizzeria are wrong but...the Zionists should stop targeting children..imagine their(Palestinian) frustration...
Muslims have a right to defend themselves.... and so on

The problem with Islam is that it was a religion built very early on with political and military successes while keeping non Muslims clearly below in the pecking order.When the situation is reserved as was the case since the past 200 years where Eastern Europe,India,Greece etc not only escaped Muslim rule but the infidels began to dominate Muslims,it devastated the esteem of the latter.There is still something in the Islamic social political system that craves dominance and power in the lands it resides(dar ul harb and dar ul Islam) ...until Muslim confront these retrograde traditions and modify them for coexisting with others,they will pretty much be considered pariahs by the rest of the is happening now.
Samuel Huntington was wrong-it is not so much clash of civilizations, but seperation of civilizations.

ArtVanDeLay said...

"The destruction of Baghdad by the Mongols in the 13th Century tragically destroyed the intellectual and scientific enlightenment of the Arabic world."

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within"-
Will Durant

ArtVanDeLay said...

If one sees Islam as an extension of the Arab psyche- this rather unflattering view from the Torah put things in perspective

Genesis 16:12 "He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, And everyone's hand will be against him;

If it ever needed be said-the mutual distrust and discord between Arabs and Jews predates Islam ,heck it even preceeded Moses(though Moses was helped out a great deal by his father in law Jethro-an Ishmaelite Arab)

Anonymous said...

that was offensive.