Monday, October 24, 2011

Arab Hypocrisy on US Embassies

A day after I expressed my belief that Iraq should maintain diplomatic ties with the US in a post about Muqtada al Sadr's comment about the US embassy, a Canadian Palestinian said I am a traitor for defending the occupier. Just because I want to see Iraq maintain diplomatic ties with the US? He said if I ever said this stuff in any Arab country I would most likely be lynched.

Tonight I watched this:

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Syrian protesters in Hama greeted the American ambassador with flowers. The Palestinian in Canada, like most Sunni Arabs everywhere, presumably support the protesters in Hama. At the same time a large number of them condemn or have condemned Iraqis who want normalized relations with the US. There are US embassies in every Arab capital now, yet only Iraqis are condemned for it. I wonder if the munafiqeen know they are munafiqeen.


Anonymous said...


I dont support Bashar Alassad but at the same time I dont support the American conspiracy in Syria to try to hijack popular protests.

I support the protests, but recently I was asked to participate in a protest calling for "international reaction" (code word for NATO occupation) and I said you guys are no better than Assad is if you want your country occupied by NATO.

I hope that clarifies my position

Anonymous said...

In terms of having relations with the Americans, im not against having relations with the the American PEOPLE.

In terms of having relations with a government with an aggressive colonialist foreign policy, they should be kicked out and denounced with no secret bases or embassies that function as spy centres.

Anonymous said...


I'll tell you what. lets test my theory. How about you go to any Arab town/village in Iraq, and start waving the American flag without the backing of the puppet forces, and see what happens to you in the next 30 seconds. Scenarios:

A) You will get lynched

B) they will throw you over their shoulders and celebrate with sweets and flowers

Iraqi Mojo said...

So if I share my honest opinion with Iraqis and say that Iraq should maintain diplomatic ties with the US and that US embassy staff in Baghdad should not be considered occupiers, that is like waving the American flag?

Those Syrians were throwing flowers at the US ambassador in Damascus. They love America.

Anonymous said...


Why are you letting this one guy represent all Arabs or All Sunnis. I dont see anything wrong with what you wrote. Let's not play up every person's opinion as "Sunni hypocrites" or "Arab hypocrites." This fanning the flames of sectarianism is too much.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Good point, Anonymous. The Canadian Palestinian does not represent all Sunni Arabs. I should not assume that all or even most Sunni Arabs share his views.

madtom said...

Your bad Mojo, bad, bad, bad.

Hawraaa said...

Being Iraqi I've heard this argument made before but never stated as well as you did in this post, Mojo :)

Iraqi Mojo said...

Shukren, Hawraa:) Also read Starbucks in the Arab World if you haven't already.